The Board


Fusun Uzun, Co-Chair

Design, documentary filmmaking, and research combine to describe Fusun Uzun’s professional background. Her focus is on creating new forms of storytelling within emerging platforms and hybrid solutions that can expand our perception of new possibilities. As an MFA graduate from the Digital Futures program of OCAD University, she created an immersive, verbatim 360° documentary about the Canadian immigration detention system.








Naomi Dodds, Co-Chair

Toronto-based new-media artist Naomi Dodds’s work explores visual syntax through the material and immaterial by questioning the role of machine and image. Her work consists of video projection and multimedia installations that attempt to understand the relationship between proximity and movement, judged under certain perceptual conundrums. Through robotically controlled, simulated experiences, Dodds’s works considers the balancing act between physical, mental and virtual presence.






Laura Brown, Treasurer

Laura Brown is an Arts Manager with a BA in Cinema Studies. She has ten years of experience working in film festivals in Toronto. Her career highlights include serving as Technical Director of the Toronto Jewish Film Festival, coordinating the audio-visual needs for Innis Town Hall, projecting for TIFF and Hot Docs, and hearing Michael Snow play the piano.









Jessica Lukas, Secretary 

Jessica Lukas is an arts administrator and arts professional who lives in Toronto. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts: Visual Arts and a Certificate in Arts Management at the University of Windsor. Furthering her love for arts and culture, she completed the Museum Management and Curatorship at Fleming College. She has experience in archiving, curating, and collections, but her career focus is in arts administration. Jessica is currently the Secretariat Assistant at the Ontario Association of Art Galleries.







Kwasi Agyei

Kwasi Agyei is an experimental conceptual artist currently working with the new media form factor. His artistic discipline includes writing, acting, and directing for video. As a director, Kwasi has been a chairman of the board of directors at Ed Video Media Arts for the past 2 years. Functioning as one part of the experimental Toronto arts collective by the name of ALL CREATIVE under the performance moniker Flos Williams.








Beau Gomez

Beau is currently the Marketing and Outreach Manager of Inside Out Film Festival. Gomez was previously the Administration and Communications Coordinator at Workman Arts and studied Photography at Ryerson’s School of Image Arts and Art History at Paris College of Art.







Sahar Te 

Sahar is a Toronto-based artist who mobilizes methods that open up alternative realities and challenge common approaches to “original” content. Having graduated from Alberta College of Art and Design in 2017, Te is pursuing her Master of Visual Studies at the University of Toronto. Her interaction with multiple cultures and geographies brings her to question the notion of absolute truth. From language and semiotics, social dynamics and ethics, Te’s projects engages in geopolitical discourse to challenge power on different levels.







Cameron Murton 

Cameron is a Toronto-based writer, cinematographer and producer currently serving as creative director of the Regent Theatre. Originally from Vancouver, Cameron directed his first production at age 12, before completing programs at Gulf Island film and television school and Brentwood college in his teens, and going on to study Physics and Philosophy at McGill. Since beginning his career as a co-founder of the music video production company Good & Shy, Cameron has worked to develop marketing campaigns for fashion and technology brands, and recently co-directed a period war-drama feature shot in Zimbabwe. His own projects tend to focus on speculative themes, specifically the exploration of human bias and perceived realities.






Merik Williams

Merik Williams is a Toronto based artist specializing in both stills photography as well as video production. Merik’s current work primarily involves a variety of local artists and businesses.









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