Digital Cinema Package Creation

Finally finished your film?

Need to get it pressed and ready for the film festival screening?

DCP (Digital Cinema Package) is the standard that has replaced 35mm prints when exhibiting final copies to a cinema. All cinemas now require this format as they are phasing out all other formats in order to standardize the way films are presented. DCP's can be a lengthy process and render heavy on your own computer. In order to help the community of artist we serve, we offer DCP creation services at reasonable rates to help remove presentation barriers for filmmakers. Once a filmmaker has finished their film and ready to send to the screening room we will need a final copy in Apple ProRes HQ, audio in uncompressed Linear PCM. At that point we can ingest the film, convert into the DCP format and transfer to a Linux formatted drive.

CRU Drives

In most cases, the final DCP will be presented on a CRU drive. This is a specialized hard drive that is designed to interface directly with the cinema's Doremi or Dolby servers. We highly recommend that you use a CRU drive when sending out to festivals since they can play directly off the drive and use it as a back up if there is any playback issues. Filmmakers can also use their own hard drives or USB sticks for DCP transport but these drives will need to be wiped and reformatted in Linux EXT 3. The drive re-format is covered in our set up fees. TSV also has a number of CRU drives for rent for any screening or film festival run.

CRU Drive rental - $20 per Day // $35 per week // $50 per month


DCP Prices

FormatUnder 30 minutes30-90 minutes120 minutesAdditional 30 minutes
16:9 1920x1080$250$325$400$75
Flat 1998x1080$250$325$400$75
Full Frame (2048 x 1080) $250$325$400$75
Cinemascope (2048 x 858) $250$325$400$75

Other Fees

When creating DCP files there are a number of additional fees that may apply. For any DCP production we will charge a set up fee which will cover a technician preparing the files, monitoring and file checking the DCP for any errors. In addition to the set up fee there are other processes we can add to the DCP, we can add 5.1 surround files, sub-title files and KDM encryption. All of which create more time and file checking on our computers. If you would like to know more about these processes please contact us at 416.593.1332 or contact the post-supervisor at
Additional ServicesUnder 30 minutes30-90 minutes120 minutesAdditional 30 minutes
Set Up Fee
Encoding to 24 FPS
KDM Encryption$200$275$350$75
Color Space Conversion$75$75$75$75
5.1 Surround$75$125$150$50

Errors and Satisfaction Guarantee

Creating a DCP is not an exact science due to its format. We have noticed that a very small amount of DCPs get rejected at the ingest stage of the cinema server. This is not due to the quality of the process but something that does happen time to time. If there is at all any reason that the DCP we create for you doesn't mount or has issues in projection we will be happy to re-export a new DCP for you at no additional charge. However, Trinity Square Video is not responsible for creating new DCPs if there is an issue with the video file you have provided or if you need to change something editorially with your film. It is the filmmakers responsibility to attend the cinema's tech check to ensure the sync, picture and sound quality is adequate. Trinity Square Video does not check any audiovisual properties that do not pertain to the creation of the DCP. If you have any issues, please don't hesitate to give us a call for clarification.