General Call for Submissions 2016

Trinity Square is looking for dynamic media-based artworks that critically engage with their medium, with an interest in works that explore pedagogy, politics, poetry and the body.

Jessica Karuhanga's "Carefree, Fine and Mellow" (2016), presented at JOUEZ at Big on Bloor. Photo credit: Manolo Lugo.

Jessica Karuhanga’s “Carefree, Fine and Mellow” (2016), presented at JOUEZ at Big on Bloor. Photo credit: Manolo Lugo.

Trinity Square Video invites artists and curators to submit proposals for exhibitions, projects or media-based performances for either installation in the gallery or for off-site programming. Our exhibitions are presented for 4–5 weeks. We will also accept proposals by curators for single-night screenings and projects for our vitrine space.

We encourage proposals from artists and curators who are emerging or established.

We firmly support the equitable remuneration of artists. Trinity Square pays all of its exhibiting artists in accordance with the CARFAC fee schedule.

Submissions Deadline: 06 January 2017


All of Trinity Square’s activities are guided by the goal to increase our members’ and audiences’ understanding and imagination of what media arts practices can be. Above all, Trinity Square strives towards the advancement of media arts as a discipline, and towards the meaningful inclusion of diverse voices. In addition to holding aesthetic worth in its own right, we see our artistic programming as both an extension of our educational activities and a catalyst to generate new artistic knowledge. Our exhibitions, screenings and public programs are designed to inspire artists and audiences towards new understandings of media-based artistic and curatorial practices.

Our artistic vision is carried out through three principal activities:

1. To promote an expanded definition of media art that rejects notions of medium-specificity and addresses the contemporary realities of visual art.

  • We encourage active experimentation with the limits of what is traditionally described as “video art.” Moving beyond solely single-channel projects, we seek media works that critically investigates the medium and expand its definition to include elements of sculpture, performance, installation, poetry, politics and other interdisciplinary pursuits.
  • As video-based practice has become increasingly present across disciplines (installation, sculpture, performance, et cetera) we seek to engage artists in critical dialogue on the philosophical and practical ramifications of this video-creep.
  • As moving-image technologies have become increasingly ingrained into everyday life, we are seeing a fundamental shift in the way visual information relates to ontological concerns. As such, we seek to promote critical investigation into the changing conditions of vision, materiality, illusion and virtuality.
  • With the evolution of technology and shifting artistic strategies, we understand that static monitors, floating screens, single-channel screenings and even multi-channel installations are not always sufficient tools for disseminating some emerging practices, and thus we encourage curatorial experimentation to accommodate new directions in interdisciplinary practice.

2. To promote the meaningful engagement of diverse voices.

  • Moving beyond a politics of inclusivity, we strive to centre diverse cultural viewpoints in all levels of our institutional functioning. We actively seek out underrepresented viewpoints within the media arts, promoting work that challenges the conventions of established canons of cultural production. We activate these viewpoints to increase the knowledge of our audiences and to help promote the advancement of media art as a discipline.
  • In line with our aim to expand the definition of media art, we seek artistic voices from artists who identify as Black, people of colour and Indigenous. We seek involvement from emerging, mid-career and established artists, as well as filmmakers, animators, installation artists, performance artists, single-channel video artists, sound artists, artists working in virtual reality and in media we can’t yet name.

3. To support and nurture the production of new work by artists and curators.

  • Leveraging Trinity Square’s unique position in Toronto as both a production and presentation centre, we support our exhibiting artists through providing access to our technical experience, equipment and facilities.
  • We support annual themed commissions of new work for exhibition in our gallery and offer production residencies to any artists scheduled to exhibit in our gallery. Recent themes include Sculptural Video and Critical Ethics.
  • We offer a comprehensive educational platform for artists of all learning levels who want to begin using or advance their competency with media-based practices.
  • We provide a supportive environment for experimentation for our members by making our equipment and facilities accessible for creative exploration.


1. A link to preview videos of previous and/or proposed work. Videos can be supplemented with up to 10 digital images (.jpg images only and all images must be listed with a number, the artist’s surname, the title of work and the year of its production, eg. 1_surname_title_2016.jpg).

2. Written proposal describing the work (up to 500 words)

3. Artist’s statement describing your practice (300 words)

4. CV detailing your relevant experiences (3 pages maximum)

Submissions must be sent no later than 06 January 2017. Email submissions are preferred. If you are mailing your submission it must be received by this date.


Please email submissions to

Please compile your documents into a single PDF document attached to your email.

Video can be sent separately using a file transfer service such as WeTransfer, or links to video material including private videos on Vimeo.

Images can be included as an attachment to the email in .jpg format.

If you are unable to digitally submit you material we will also accept submission packages by mail. Mailed submissions must be received by 06 January 2017 and sent to:

General Call for Submissions
Trinity Square Video
401 Richmond Street West, suite 121
Toronto, ON
M5V 3A8

Submissions Deadline: 06 January 2017

Trinity Square’s gallery floor plan can be downloaded here.

If you have any questions, please contact Artistic Director cheyanne turions at or 416.593.1332.