IN YOUR POCKET: Come Together

detail_in your pocket

Artists: Drew Lint, Tera Mallette, Tawiah Ben-Eben M’Carthy, Drew Danielle Belsky, Vika Kirchenbauer, Brendan Healy, Alejandro Santiago, Drasko Bogdanovic, Mikiki Mikiki, Raymond Helkio, Apathy Club, Coral Short, Sam Godfrey, Andil Gosine, Manolo Lugo, Grey Muldoon, Claro Cosco, Philip Edward Villeneuve, Sofonda Cox, and others.

IN YOUR POCKET explores the immediacy and intimacy offered by smartphone technology. In its second year, IN YOUR POCKET focuses on the theme of collaboration under the cheeky title,Come Together. This year, RT Collective has invited artists Tawiah M’Carthy, Tera Mallette and Drew Lint, whose commissioned projects deal with the role a camera takes in a person’s transformation; the fleetingness of attraction, and phone app conversations from afar. Drasko Bogdanovic and Mikiki have also come together in their first collaboration. The remainder of the program is curated through a submissions process.

Presented by The RT Collective, Trinity Square Video, Inside Out, and Videofag