VITRINE: CleanMyMac 3.4.0 FINAL

Colin Rosati’s CleanMyMac 3.4.0 FINAL is the inaugural project of Trinity Square Video’s vitrine space on the main floor of the 401 Richmond Street building.

  1. Colin Rosati’s “CleanMyMac 3.4.0 FINAL” installation video

Colin Rosati
CleanMyMac 3.4.0 FINAL
28 July 2016–26 September 2016
Curated by Maximilian Suillerot

CleanMyMac 3.4.0 FINAL, curated by Maximilian Suillerot, is the inaugural project of Trinity Square Video’s vitrine space on the main floor of the 401 Richmond Street building. In this exhibition, Colin Rosati activates the physical tools of cleaning, juxtaposing them against various time-based appropriations of cleaning that often happen in intimate settings.

CleanMyMac is widely known as one of the best cleaning utilities for Mac computers. The app’s motto, to “clean, optimize, maintain […] and scan every inch of your system, to remove gigabytes of junk in just two clicks […] to monitor the health of your Mac,” perhaps unintentionally reveals the implications of digital cleaning. Rosati’s installation translates the invisible digital processes of the program into three dimensions, and within this setting, Rosati explores how decluttering can become conflated with cleaning.

Through online footage taken from users dedicated to sanitizing their devices, Rosati reveals the softness and sensuality transmitted by human acts of care, exposing the fragile nature of personal technologies. Rituals of repetition slip into obsessions that threaten the physical integrity of these objects that are otherwise perceived of as indispensable.

On a larger scale, Rosati explores cleaning within spaces that exist beyond cherished technologies and spheres of personal control. Processes of automation reveal imperfections within systems that commodify cleaning, questioning the assumed necessity of some of these assistive technologies.

The multiple layers of surfaces activated in CleanMyMac 3.4.0 FINAL complicate the assumptions of cleaning as renewal. In a space separated from the world by a glass surface, physical, digital and mental concepts of cleaning become intertwined.


Opening Reception
Wednesday, 27 July 2016, 5–8 PM

The vitrine project will open as part of Last Wednesdays, an evening of extended hours at 401 Richmond’s galleries and shops.


Colin Rosati is a Toronto-based multimedia artist. His practice includes projection installation, 3D animation, and programming for generative and interactive artist projects. He studied at Ottawa School of Art in a portfolio development program and is currently studying Integrated Media at OCADU. His work considers how photo and video media circulate through built environments, and in the network infrastructure of online systems and databases.

Maximilian Suillerot is an artist and emerging curator living and working in Toronto. He holds French and Mexican nationalities. He began his artistic training at Les A.R.C.A.D.E.S in Paris, France and finished his undergraduate degree in Canada at the University of Toronto in the Visual Studies program. His practice deals with inner mental processes, as well as the limits of intimacy and personal experiences. Through themes of presence and absence, memory is questioned and put to the test. Rituals are processes created as a coping mechanism to deal with life.