Rental Policy

  • Once equipment is taken out of the building it is a day charge.
  • The earliest equipment may be picked up is at 11:00 am (unless otherwise noted)
  • Drop off time is between 10:00 -11:00 am.
  • Weekend rental rates are a day and a half. To qualify, equipment must be picked up Friday after 2:00 pm., any earlier will be a two-day rate; drop off by the following Monday between 10:00-11:00 am.
  • You must be a Trinity Square Video member in order to rent production equipment.

Bonus Plan

Spend $1000 at TSV and get $100 credit!

  1. Bring in your pink receipts for any production or postproduction
  2. The rental office will process your credit rebate. Please be aware this could take up to five business days.
  3. This offer does not include membership fees, tape sales, taxes,
    insurance, or workshops fees.
  4. This offer only covers purchases made within a 12 month period.