THE IMAGINARY AND THE SYNCHRONOUS: Walking With Accounts of the Self in Performance Video

 Irene Loughlin, Separated / Grieving Ayles Ice Shelf, 2005

June 27 / 6pm-10pm / with Irene Loughlin / $50 Non-member / $30 Member / CLUB SKILLS / Skills Member

Using autobiography as the means to explore video performance, participants will link an aspect of their life with an object/s that represents this event or characteristic, linking it to a wider socio-political platform.  The structure of the workshop emphasizes the imaginary and the synchronous.  This one day workshop is split into two parts, beginning with an exploration of artists who have used video performance followed by the creation of a ‘storyboard’ for a performance followed by a short video performance made by each participant.  Please bring an object to work with that represents an aspect of your life – common performance objects include paper, books, a food object such as a bag of sugar (contained), feathers – the object is only limited by your imagination.  Please consider containment and cleanup issues in the studio and near the camera.


Irene Loughlin holds an MFA in Visual Studies from the University of Toronto, a BFA from Simon Fraser University, Vancouver and is an alumni of the Ontario College of Art, Toronto. Using a neurodiverse perspective, her practice encompasses performance art, video, sculpture, drawing and text-based work that is informed by feminism and magic and employs aesthetics derived from the history of art and the West Coast of Canada. Working from an emotive perspective, she employs visual metaphors from medical, ecological and historic contexts in order to comment on our contemporary social and political discourse.  Loughlin has participated in various solo and group exhibitions including Through a Window: Visual Art and SFU 1965-2015 Audain Gallery, Vancouver (2015), Westbeth Gallery, Transforming Community: Disability, Diversity and Access NY (2015) and The Month of Performance Art, Berlin (2014). She has been awarded the Lynch Staunton Award, Canada Council for the Arts, for mid-career, interdisciplinary practice and a SSHRC Masters Level Scholarship and is the author of numerous essays, articles and conference proceedings.

Photo Credit: Irene Loughlin Separated / Grieving Ayles Ice Shelf 2005

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June 27

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