SCREENING: Video Fever 2017

Trinity Square is proud to present our fifth annual showcase of emerging video artists from undergraduate programs in Toronto and the surrounding area.

Image credit: Natalie Castrogiovanni's "Everyday" (2016), still from video.

Image credit: Natalie Castrogiovanni’s “Everyday” (2016), still from video.

Saturday, 18 March 2017
6 PM
Maria Patricia Abuel, Natalie Castrogiovanni, Abedar Kamgari, Vivienne Lane, Jessie Sheng, Jasmeet Sidhu, Alexandru Stratulat, Erin Whittier and Kelly Zantingh 

Artists in attendance, Q+A to follow the screening

Video Fever is Trinity Square’s annual showcase of cutting-edge video works produced by local emerging artists. Selected by a jury composed of Trinity Square staff and our Programming and Events committee, this showcase provides a glimpse of what is on the horizon of video-based practices in contemporary art. This diverse program is suffused with humour, offering personal reflections, formal explorations and theoretical musings on the inherited and externalized forces that shape identity, on the relationship between human and nature, and on what it means to turn technology on itself.

The Video Fever screening is complemented by Alison Postma’s installation, Hotel (2016–2017), presented in Trinity Square’s vitrine space. See here for more information.

As part of Video Fever, Trinity Square hosts the Bachelors’ Commission, a summer-long production residency awarded to selected submitting artists to access our facilities, equipment and expertise for the creation of new works. We will be announcing this year’s recipients at the screening.

This year’s jury members included Naomi Dodds, Cody Lang, Serena Lee, Melanie Lowe, Daniella Sanader, Megan Toye and cheyanne turions.


Maria Patricia Abuel is a Filipina-Canadian multidisciplinary artist who questions issues of hybrid identity, femininity and conservative expectations. Abuel challenges traditional frameworks within cultures and artistic practices through her careful deploy of irony. She is currently working toward her Studio Specialist, Bachelor of Arts degree at University of Toronto Scarborough.

Natalie Castrogiovanni is a graduate of the internationally recognized high-school visual arts program Bealart in London, Ontario. She is currently working toward a BFA in Sculpture and Installation, with a minor in Integrated Media, at OCAD University. Her multidisciplinary artistic practice bridges sculpture, performance and video.

Abedar Kamgari is an artist.

vivienne lane is a multidisciplinary artist based in Toronto

Jessie Sheng is a new-media artist currently attending OCAD University. She uses a variety of video, animation, games, electronics, installation and performance to investigate how individuals understand themselves and relate to others within the virtual, the physical and the invisible structures of the contemporary world.

Jasmeet Sidhu is a Toronto-based artist who was born in New Delhi, India. He attends OCAD University and is working towards a BFA in Digital Painting and Expanded Animation. Sidhu brings strategies of animation and painting to his works, expanding the field of analogue technology into digital realms, interrogating distinctions between the digital and the self.

Alexandru Stratulat is an artist working in performance and video. Exploring the realm of social media through a phenomenological approach, Stratulat’s life often becomes the inspiration for their works. Their practice blurs the lines between physical and virtual spaces revealing an existence that is ultimately rooted in both.

Informed by phenomenology and panpsychism, Erin Whittier works intimately with the landscape of the anthropocene, using mindfulness, performance and poetic text in her lens-based practice to rethink how we experience time. She is a recently graduated from Toronto’s Ryerson University with a BFA Photography, In 2015, she attended the Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand, on exchange.

Kelly Zantingh is a visual artist and recent graduate of the University of Guelph’s Studio Art Program. Her work reflects on ecology, growth and deterioration, and the human relationship with the environment. Working with plasticine and stop-motion animation, she tracks the presence of the human hand, offering meditations on the passage of time.


Special thanks to Tangled Art + Disability for their support of this event.