Stuck between photography and sculpture, Alison Postma’s vitrine installation Hotel (2016–2017) uses video to highlight negotiations between a feeling of familiarity and a sense of indecisiveness.

00. Hotel, Alison Postma

Alison Postma
15–21 March 2017

Hotel is an installation that examines the space of a hotel room as a stand-in for the familiar space of a home. The hotel room is a place stuck between the familiar and the strange—meant to be both welcoming and comfortable, it is actually standardized and sterile. In Hotel, the effects of existing in this in-between space are explored through physically incarnating both the dreams and the nightmares that such a space can produce.

Hotel is presented as part of 2017’s Video Fever program.

Video Fever is Trinity Square’s annual showcase of cutting-edge video works produced by local emerging artists. Selected by a jury composed of Trinity Square staff and our Programming and Events committee, this showcase provides a glimpse of what is on the horizon of video-based practices in contemporary art. This diverse program is suffused with humour, offering personal reflections, formal explorations and theoretical musings on the inherited and externalized forces that shape identity, on the relationship between human and nature, and on what it means to turn technology on itself.

For the first time, Video Fever expands to occupy our vitrine space located on the ground floor of the 401 Richmond Street West building (located between Gallery 44 and A Space).


Opening celebration as part of the Video Fever screening (more information here)
Saturday, 18 March 2017, 6–8 PM

Artist in attendance

Alison Postma, “Hotel” (2016–2017), vitrine installation view.


Alison Postma graduated from the University of Guelph’s Studio Art program in 2016. In 2015, she was one of three nationwide recipients of the AIMIA / AGO Photography Scholarship. Her work is predominately photographic and sculptural, using video as an extension of photo-sculptural space. She is currently living and working in Toronto.