VITRINE: On the Margins of the Divine

In the great dance of the cosmos, there is a point where no-thing exists.
15 June–22 July 2017
Meera Sethi

Having been recently “confirmed” by Western science, the physics of the Akashic Field suggests that within the void/ether/space, there exists a deep information system that imagines all of life. It is the place from which everything we perceive radiates, and to where everything eventually returns.

In this new mixed media work that hovers between painting and sculpture, Meera Sethi manipulates the visual field of the canvas to lead our gaze beyond the painted surface, to explore the site that is created through a framing of space.

In so doing, she interrogates the im/possibility of representation of this source, of drawing lines around ether, of that which cannot be bound. What we find in this space however, surprises us. It is an image of ourselves, the only vehicle through which we can encounter, and even enter, the void.

On the Margins of the Divine plays with this possibility, inviting a moment of suspension in our fast-paced, identity-oriented lives to create an experience of this centre, where all potential exists.


Meera Sethi is a Canadian visual artist whose interdisciplinary practice asks questions about the relationship between migration, diaspora, and hybridity. Often invoking humour and irony, Meera undercuts our political and cultural assumptions and asks us to look again. Her work foregrounds contemporary histories on the edges of representation, especially queer, diasporic and post-colonial moments.

Meera is the recipient of multiple grants from the Toronto, Ontario and Canada arts councils. Her work has been exhibited internationally and has been featured in NBC, NPR, The Toronto Star, The Globe&Mail, The Fader, Vice, VOGUE India, CNN, MTV and numerous other print and online publications. She lives and works in Toronto.