Video 101: Introduction to Shooting a Video Part 1 of 2
How to shoot a video encapsulated in a practical two-day workshop. The first part focuses on production with HD camera shooting. Spend the second part focusing on lighting, sound & directing techniques

GoPro Camera
Master shooting action videography with this small, light, convenient, 4K camera.

Canon C-100: Camera Basics
Learn the creative and technical options presented by Canon C-100 video camera. Master its card-based recording and tapeless workflow.

Sony FS700: Camera Basics
Learn the creative and technical options presented by Sony FS700 with a detailed overview of the camera’s features and functions.

Green Screen 1: Introduction to the art of video compositing
Be introduced to the setup, lighting and shooting of a Green Screen setup.

Audio for Installation: Part 1 of 2
Learn about audio in its various manifestations in installation. Examine construction options, multi-channel technologies, speakers, transmission standards, multi-channel spatialization and more. Participants are encouraged to bring their ideas.

Audio for Installation: Part 2 of 2

The Advanced Fundamentals of Light
This hands-on workshop will give you the skills you need to start making the most of your limited lighting budget. Participants will first learn how to look at, analyze, and manipulate light, then move on to figuring out how to create a particular look, using the materials at hand.

Post Production

Premiere Pro CC Intro: Part 1 of 4*
Master the fundamentals of non-linear editing, while digging into Premiere’s media management, effects, titles and output. Leave with tips and tricks on how to save time and energy.

Premiere Pro CC Intro: Part 2 of 4*

Premiere Pro CC Intro: Part 3 of 4*

Premiere Pro CC Intro: Part 4 of 4*

Photoshop is the essential software for manipulating your images. Productivity and workflow enhancements, powerful new editing tools, and breakthrough compositing capabilities will be looked at in this workshop.

After Effects: Introduction
After Effects is an industry-standard application used to create motion graphics, special effects, title sequences and animation. Be introduced to the After Effects interface and cover concepts of composite editing, masking, key-frame animation, and basic filter effects.

After Effects Animation Basics: Paths, Masks, and Keyframes
Paths, masks and keyframes are a highly flexible starting point for the creation of animations in After Effects. Grasp how to effectively manipulate layers using these functions, which are the foundation for morphing, particles and 3D.

Green Screen 2: After Effects
Compositing defines the medium of video. Participants take their shot footage and composite the video using Premiere Pro & After Effects.

FinalCutProX: Introduction
Learn how to edit video with FinalCutProX featuring a new interface with increased speed and efficiency. Basic MAC knowledge recommended.

Sound Simple: The Art of Sound Editing
From the Composer’s mind, Sounds Simple demystifying digital audio, sound and music for moving images, learn the art of sound editing, with tips & tricks for creative audio design for your productions.

Master Classes

Production Pipeline and Data Wrangling
Be introduced to the normal workflow of editing a video project.  Be led through importing, processing and editing a video, which then will be exported to various formats.

Media Literacy: Dont Let Tech Get In Your Way
Learn how not to let tech get in your way. You will be introduced to the digital cameras and technical aspects of using them. Learn about formats, camera holding techniques in addition how best to compose your image. Be introduced to the realm of audio recording and microphone types.

Video Installation Master Class
Be introduced to the fields of installation art and contemporary art practices. Learn to develop installation art ideas from your own local context and situation. Discover what installation art is about and its relationships between objects, materials or things and the context that they are in.

Video Bootcamp for Youth
This is a five-day video production and post workshop for 13-19 years old!
 From the initial idea right through to a finished video, all aspects of making a video will be covered. Youths will also learn media literacy, gain technical proficiency and have a hands-on experience to practical storytelling techniques. All equipment, supplies, and materials will be provided.

I Want to be Famous: Promotional Strategies
You’ve made the video, now you need to promote your work and circulate it. Learn the promotional strategies from those that have experience in our sector.