2003 Programming



Contemporary Cuban Video

Cuba’s unique political, social and economic position has long been the subject of scrutiny and curiosity in the world – One of the last bastions of the Socialist Ideal, Cuba is located less than 100 miles from the world’s most powerful capitalist nation. Tourism has emerged as the predominant economic player against this extraordinary political backdrop. In respect to this complex situation, the immediacy and reflective quality of film and video are pertinent tools to resonate one’s expression. Individual creative drive coupled with social concerns provides fodder for Cuban artists in this technologically homogeneous era. Though media production equipment and facilities are grossly lacking, Cuban artists and media creators are compelled to create in film and video. After numerous visits to Cuba, Judy Cheung has culled an unprecedented program of Cuban film and video which offers a genuine intellectual response to a rich and complex cultural, political, these heterogeneous situations. This selection of film/video reflects the contemporary Cuban social psyche from conceptual experimentation to fiction to non-fiction documentaries. It intertwines the real and the unreal: an impending moment of hopefulness and despair.



Occupy, inhabit, demolish, renovate, restore, reorganize! Whether it’s lifestyle condos, defunct factories or multi-storey parkades, space influences our behaviour , moods, and expectations. Buildings can diminish or aggrandize us, enlighten or confuse, oppress or liberate.

Programmed in 2003.


  • Deliberate

    This new work is concerned with questions of how an interior space functions when the activity specifically designed to occur in that space is absent. Using found footage from investigative “documentary” programs like “Cold Case Files” and “Investigative Reports”, this short video work looks at the empty interior spaces of deliberation within the courtroom.

  • Approaching Abjection

    “. . . it was the worst of times . . . it was the age of foolishness . . . it was the epoch of incredulity . . . it was the winter of despair . . . we had nothing before us . . . we were all going direct the other way . . .”
    – Charles Dickens

    “There looms, within abjection, one of those violent, dark revolts of being, directed against a threat that seems to emanate from an exorbitant outside or inside, ejected beyond the scope of the possible, the tolerable, the thinkable. It lies there, quite close, but it cannot be assimilated. It beseeches, worries, and fascinates desire, which, nevertheless, does not let itself be seduced. Apprehensive, desire turns aside; sickened, it rejects. A certainty protects it from the shameful – a certainty of which it is proud holds on to it. Unflaggingly, like an inescapable boomerang, a vortex of summons and repulsion places the one haunted by it literally beside himself.”
    – Julia Kristeva

    • Production medium: DV
    • Categories: Art Video
    • Production year: 2003
    • Author: Ho Tam

  • Home Bittersweet Home


  • This poetic documentary explores the idea of home for Salim, a Palestinian from Jerusalem whose house has been demolished four times by Israel, and for Dorit, an Irsraeli filmmaker who lived not far from Salim and is now immigrating to Canada.
    • Production medium: DV
    • Categories: Art Video & Documentary
    • Production year: 2003
    • Author: Dorit Naaman

Four Walls


A video document about a building of bachelor apartments and how the uniform space of each suite is affected by the personalities who occupy it.

  • Production medium: DV
  • Categories: Art Video
  • Production year: 2003
  • Author: Paige Gratland


A whole new kind of condominium, on a far from grand scale. An attempt to break away from the homogeneity of condo living, involving Toronto artists in the newest (and smallest) art dwelling.



A collaboration between artist Janis Demkiw and proto-architect Emily Hogg captures permutations of a minaturized cityscape using 1:87 scale plastic hobby models (built by Demkiw at age 11). A city imagined, the negotiation of space is plastic and unfixed, forming shifting topographies suited to fantasy and projection. Informal play produces logical arrangements of mini city blocks into configurations suited to satisfying urban leisure, games, loitering, and exploration.