2006 Programming



Trinity Square Video, the 20th Images Festival and the Drake Hotel are pleased to host Montréal-based photographer Isabelle Hayeur and new media artist/sculptor Éric Raymond as Artists-in-Residence from March 18 to April 1, 2007. During their stay at the Drake Hotel, Hayeur and Raymond will be using 3D animation, video, lighting and sound to create their site-specific installation Tunnel Vision at the TSV Gallery. The completed work will be exhibited at TSV from March 29 to April 28, 2007 as part of the Images Festival. The residency offers a unique opportunity for the public to engage with the artists as the work progresses. The public is welcome to visit the artists at TSV during regular office hours.

Photographer Isabelle Hayeur lives and works in Montréal. She completed a BFA in 1996 and a MFA in 2002 at Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM). Her works have been presented across Canada, in Europe, in The United States, Latin America and Japan. She has participated in many artist-in-residence programs, in particular at the Wall House #2 Foundation (Groningen, Holland), at Studio national d’art contemporain Le Fresnoy (Tourcouing, France) and at Centre International d’Accueil et d’Échanges des Récollets (Paris, France).

Éric Raymond is a sculptor and new media artist based in Montréal. His work combines scientific research with large-scale sculptures and installations composed of industrial objects. His work has been included in major art fairs including Art Basel Miami, the Chicago International Art Fair and the Bologna International Art Fair. Raymond is currently a Professor at the École des arts visuels et médiatiques, Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM).

Master Class: At the end of the residency, Hayeur and Raymond will be giving a workshop on video installation where participants will partake in an in-depth discussion about the technical aspects of the Hayeur and Raymond’s works, video’s expansion beyond the single-screen projection and the international context for video installation. Participants are invited to bring their portfolios for feedback from the instructors. The class is limited in size to ten and is recommended for artists and students with some knowledge of video art. Cost is $25 for TSV members and $30 non-members. To enroll contact TSV at (416) 593-1332.



Trinity Square Video is pleased to present the premiere of Toronto-based artist Teresa Ascencao’s latest interactive installation “Adoration”. Ascencao garnered much acclaim for her previous interactive installation “Glowing Madonna”, which was widely exhibited across Canada. Ascencao uses unconventional approaches to technology in her playful deconstructions of religious and pop icons and gender representations. In “Adoration”, Ascencao scrutinizes pop culture’s makeover obsession and its effect on the female psyche.

The cult of the “new look” has grown from transformative haircuts to home makeovers and full body plastic surgery metamorphoses. Reality shows like Extreme Makeover and The Swan perpetually feed on growing insecurities and our need to fix the problems yet leave us with an ever-deepening emotional void. In Ascancao’s installation, the viewer is invited to sit in a couch in the gallery and use a remote control to initiate a makeover on the screen. However, the desired results slowly unravel to reveal the less-than-perfect picture of the cult of beauty.

Bio: Teresa Ascencao holds a Graphic Design Diploma from Humber College and graduated with distinction from University of Toronto with a B.F.A. Honours. Ascencao’s work has been exhibited widely in Canada and has recently begun showing internationally. She lives and works in Toronto and teaches at the Toronto School of Art. She was born to Azorean parents in Sao Paulo, Brazil and immigrated to Canada at a young age. Ascencao uses this cultural perspective in combination with innovative technology to examine gender and cultural constructs. Often using a comic approach to interactivity, her poetic and kitschy artworks invite audiences to rediscover gender through peculiar folk and pop inspired artworks.



Film is Dead! Long Live Film! Installations

Installations by
Tracy German & Marta Cela
Rick Palidwor

Opening Thursday, November 23, 2006, 5-8pm

Trinity Square Video is please to support the Liaison of Independent Filmmakers with its 25th anniversary celebrations and the momentous FILM IS DEAD! LONG LIVE FILM! Commission program. As two organizations that share an interest in the meaning of the moving image and its continued creation, TSV and LIFT are co-presenting two of the installations in the FILM IS DEAD! program at the TSV Gallery. With this project TSV and LIFT are initiating a dialogue about how analog film and digital video can work in tandem in installation.

Filmmaker Tracy German and sculptor Marta Cela have created an exquisite film based installation that combines sculpture and 16 mm film loops called “Impeded Streams and Stains II – Isis’ Altar.”. It is paired with Rick Palidwor’s super 8 film installation “The Pulse of Light.” Treating his super 8 camera like a scientific instrument, Palidwor records light shapes and patterns that are not normally visible to the eye or conventional film exposure. Palidwor’s film will be shown as a continuous video loop.

Tracy German is an experimental filmmaker living in Toronto who has been an active independent film community for over a decade as both an artist and educator. Her series of large scale 16mm loop installations, made in collaboration with sculptor Marta Cela have recently shown at the Durham Fringe Festival (2004), Images Festival (2005), and Alucine (2006). These works combine hand processed black and white 16mm film loops with structural objects such as sand box, pond, alter, fabric and iron sculptures. Through collaborations with Digeridoo players Lucie Kalabova/Lawrence Cotton, Jazz Musician Jean Martin and actor/musician Lawrence Cotton, Tracy has expanded film/video into the interdisciplinary – interactive arts.

Marta Cela is a sculptor and visual artist who has worked in a variety of materials (clay, cement, plaster, acrylic resin, metal). Recently she has focused on with iron rods and iron sheet metal, which allow her to create hauntingly beautiful forms. Marta studied sculpture in Argentina at Escuela Superior de Bellas Artes Prilidiano Pueyrredon. She immigrated to Canada in 2002 and is now based in Hamilton.

Rick Palidwor has made numerous films and videos, most of which originated on super 8. His recent shutterless short “Hi Lights” was awarded the best editing prize at the Hart House Film Board Gala 2006. He is also the co-creator of the feature “Sleep Always”, shot on widescreen super 8 film.

An Anthology of Video Purchase Collection Screening

This screening celebrates video art’s history by presenting videos from its prolific past which include Dandelions by Dawn Wilkinson, My Mother Makes Soup Noodles…My Father Cuts a Simple Thread by Dimitrije Martinovic, When You Name Me by Scott Beveridge, Nice by Jane Farrow and Kelly O’Brien, Renorama by Jeanette Body and Jin’s Banana House – On the Road by Jinhan Ko. An Anthology of Video is the second screening in the annual Student-Curator Program, developed to establish a sense of history for this relatively new medium. Works are selected from the TSV Purchase Collection (1983 to 1995) by a university or college student who has interned at TSV for a semester. This year Josée Laperrière, a fourth-year student at OCAD, has curated videos that purposefully explore issues of identity and belonging through modes of observation, criticism, satire, documentation and experimentation.

Programmed in 2006.


  • Dandelions

    • Production medium: 3/4″ Video
    • Categories:
    • Production year: 1995
    • Author: Dawn Wilkinson

  • My Mother Makes Soup Noodles… My Father Cuts a Simple Thread

    “This videotape is a portrait of my parents. It is a tribute to them as parents and members fo the working middle class. My choice of subject matter is implicit in the way I see them; my mother as the homemaker and my father as the worker. The things they say about themselves and the work they do is part of their history. On one level, this tape is about my parents. On another, it is the depiction of a set of moral and ethical values which we all have to deal with as a legacy handed down to us by our parents.” (D.M)

  • When You Name Me

    This film/video hybrid explores the connections between militarism, HIV phobia and straight iconography in the gay male community. Through the visuals and prose the viewer is exposed to the hypocrisy and violence that exists within ourselves.
    At what point do gay men become our own enemy? We face an access to power that forces us to choose between liberation and assimilation, that may ultimately create our own demise.

    • Production medium: 3/4″ Video
    • Categories:
    • Production year: 1993
    • Author: Alison Brownlow

  • Nice

    Punker dyke chick gets tired of Kraft Dinner and used clothing and decides to get “a lifestyle”. Lesbian chic with a vengeance.

  • Renorama

    Based on my own experiences, Renorama examines aspects of the housing crisis and in particular the landlord/serf relationship perpetuated by the infliction of unnecessary renovations on tenants. As an experimental documentary, it is straight journalism personalized. Because Renorama is intended to be educational, its content needs to be accessible to a wider audience. It is therefore made up of almost entirely of appropriated television material. This was sourced directly from the mainstream
    for its implicit agenda and placed in a ‘humorous’ context to reveal another truth. J.B

    • Production medium: 3/4″ Video
    • Categories:
    • Production year: 1990
    • Author: Alex Bulmer

  • Jin’s Banana House

    Investigation into the power of media as well as needing to find ways to accommodate conflicting sources and materials.
    Banana is yellow on outside and white on inside thus an Asian American who grew up watching TV, who stays out too late, reads Burroughs and eats bread not rice (?).
    My interest is in dealing with the politics of self representation and race relations. This comes from identifying myself as, and resisting the simple binary of Korean/Canadian

    • Production medium: 3/4″ Video
    • Categories:
    • Production year: 1995
    • Author: Jinhan Ko



Themed Commission Program

Trinity Square Video is pleased to announce the participation of these six outstanding artists in our Fraternité Themed Commission Program, which will premiere at the internationally renowned Festival du Nouveau Cinéma on October 25, 2006 followed by a screening in Toronto on December 3, 2006 at the Cecil Community Centre. In the past year and a half, Trinity Square Video has been exploring the founding concepts of democracy as expressed in the French Revolutionary Slogan “Liberté Ealité, Fraternité” through our Themed Commission Programs. This trilogy has turned to the famous slogan as the source of inspiration and reflects TSV’s mandate and history as a centre for socially relevant video. To conclude this ambitious program, TSV approached our brother organization Vidéographe to partner on the commissioning of six new videos on the concepts of fraternity, community and whether there is a brotherhood of artists in Canada, despite language and cultural difference. Three artists in Toronto and three artists in Montréal have been selected to participate in this important exchange between artistic communities.

Programmed in 2006.


  • Rectangular World


Andrew J. Paterson continues his on-going philosophical dialogues on the definition of “community” in relation to the “art scene” in his video Rectangle World. Here, the audience is privy to a private telephone conversation between artists “D” and “E” as they debate the nature of belonging to the art world.

  • Production medium: DV
  • Categories: Animation, Art Video & Experimental
  • Production year: 2006
  • Author: Andrew Paterson

In Black Men and Me, Michèle Clarke explores her position as a Trinidadian dyke and her complex relationship with the black male “brotherhood.” Shot in a barbershop – the traditional gathering place of Caribbean males – Clarke has her head shaved in an attempt to appear as though she belongs.

  • Production medium: DV
  • Categories: Documentary & Gender Issues
  • Production year: 2006
  • Author: Michéle Clarke

Brother Tongue


In Brother Tongue, Daniel Cockburn stages an interview with a producer of an unspecified cultural product, who verbosely expounds of his ideas about language – until that language fails him. By moving to a realm of expression beyond words, Cockburn attempts to bridge the divide between English and French.

  • Production medium: DV
  • Categories: Art Video & Experimental
  • Production year: 2006
  • Author: Daniel Cockburn

Borderline Fraternity


This past summer, Katherine Liberovskaya recorded her travels across the borders of Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Germany, as well as the U.S. The resulting video, The Limits of Fraternity, reflects on the conflict between national and pan-national identity in a global economy of political fraternities such as NAFTA and the European Union.

  • Production medium: DV
  • Categories: Documentary & Political
  • Production year: 2006
  • Author: Katherine Liberovskaya

Another One for the Fire


Frédéric Moffet investigates the dream of universal brotherly love born in the civil rights movement in his project Another One for the Fire. Using images from the 1968 classic horror film Night of the Living Dead, Moffet re-edits the action to highlight the subtext of racial conflict and juxtaposes it with speeches by Martin Luther King, including his famous “I have a dream”.

  • Production medium: DV
  • Categories: Art Video, Experimental, Political & Race Issues
  • Production year: 2006
  • Author: Frédéric Moffet

HAUTE-VITESSE With the interzone nomads of space and time…


In HAUTE-VITESSE, With the interzone nomads of space and time…, Dominic Gagnon presents people who maintain little or no ties with time, space and their bodies. Those who approach the conditions of the ‘pure mind’ : the ultimate utopia of human/technological development; the futurist dream of speed or contemporary fantasy of web surfers. The image of a pure mind, free from the force of terrestrial gravity, time constraints, transport, and above all, the primary needs of the human body. The image of a mind connected to the global network, eternally in transit, carried by a mass of signs and information. See Videographe’s new web site, www.videographe.qc.ca, for HAUTE-VITESSE’s integral version (online from October 21st to December 10th).

  • Production medium: DV
  • Categories: Art Video & Experimental
  • Production year: 2006
  • Author: Dominic Gagnon

Between the Lines

Trinity Square Video and imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival present Between the Lines an exhibition of new works by acclaimed visual artist Jude Norris. This exhibition consists of two sculptures that incorporate video and sound elements in intimate and arresting ways. With these works, Norris examines our intricate relationships to technology, language, and the spirit world within a colonial framework.

In The Definition of Bear, a bear skull props open an Oxford English Dictionary, pointing to ironic definitions of its name. The definitions emanate softly from the bear, spoken in both English and Cree. Through the hybrid identity of the bear, Norris reveals the complexities of language as the expression of a particular worldview and gives voice to the animal’s enduring strength. In Words of a Feather, a turn-of-the-century school desk sits alone in the centre of a dark room – soft, glowing light filtering out from within its half-opened lid. Instead of schoolbooks, this desk is filled with spirit helpers and earth. A gold-tipped feather pen rests on its surface. In this poignant piece, Norris acknowledges an ongoing potential to rewrite the position of First Nation’s people within colonial and literary education and culture.

Multi-disciplinary Cree-Metis artist, Jude Norris, employs idiosyncratic combinations of ‘Native’ material, language, traditional creative practice, and iconography with elements of western technology, art practice, theory, and language. Grounded by a strong aesthetic sensibility, and often a subtle humour, her work is an exploration and expression of the oddness and challenges of contemporary colonized reality. Jude is a recent recipient of a Chalmer’s Arts Fellowship, and has received awards from the Canada Council, the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council, and the Toronto Arts Council. Her work has been exhibited internationally.




Themed Commission Program

Find a perfect balance with Trinity Square Video Egalité Themed Commission Program screening. With works ranging from a comic documentary to a motion graphics drama, TSV plays video tug-of-war! In this program, the participating artists define equality in terms of their own experiences and convictions. Exploring local and global economics, several of the projects link equality directly to the access of resources, while others explore equality as an aspect of cultural belonging and sharing.



“Tubig” (pronounced: TOO-big) in the main Filipino dialect of Tagalog means “water”. The video visually explores – with experimental motion graphics – the inequalities of access to water on a global scale, through the actions of two young women at opposite ends of the world. A drama without dialogue, we follow the currents of water in its many forms, to illustrate our connection with the Earth’s water supply as a whole, and one more shocking connection between these two women in particular.

  • Production medium: DV
  • Categories: Art Video, Drama, Experimental & Political
  • Production year: 2006
  • Author: Dean Vargas




Bombination combines two pieces of found footage: a Hummer advertisement and security-camera footage of an Iraqi suicide car bombing. Using Internet-derived footage, Hollings explores the relationship between our growing oil/car dependency and instability and war in Middle East.

  • Production medium: DV
  • Categories: Art Video, Experimental & Political
  • Production year: 2006
  • Author: Graham Hollings

Equality for a Dollar?!



A short “fun-cu-mentary” exploring the issue of equality through the
multi-cultural instituion that is the Toronto Dollar Store.

Looking Glass


Looking Glass is seen through the lens of an Asian-Canadian man and portrays his attempts to familiarize himself with the exotic space of a Chinese mall. He maintains a safe distance in his observations that only leads to a further removal and a greater sense of doubt and estrangement.


  • Production medium: DV
  • Categories: Art Video
  • Production year: 2006
  • Author: John E. Lee



The Island at the Centre of the Earth

Trinity Square Video and the 19th Annual Images Festival are pleased to co-present The Island at the Centre of the Earth by Lethbridge-based artist Michael Campbell. The Island was created during TSV’s month-long Artist-in-Residence Program. Campbell will be giving an Master Class Workshop on Sunday, April 16. With a look at technical and theoretically issues involved in video installation, Campbell will discuss his own work in the context of international trends. Space is limited to ten people. Call TSV at (416) 593-1332 to enroll.

Combining sculptural elements with video imagery, Campbell creates implied narrative fictions that merge obsolete technologies with remote landscapes, yet he also infuses these spaces with a sense of suburban boredom and adolescent fantasy. A continuation of Campbell’s comic re-interpretation of the lone explorer archetype, The Island is a video installation inspired by Admiral Byrd’s ill-fated weather observation outpost built on Antarctica in 1933. Spending almost a year alone in the snow-sunken bunker, Byrd eventually lost touch with reality after continual exposure to carbon monoxide. Recreating the outpost as a 3D Model, Campbell utilizes video projection to posit a fictional character within the bunker along with Pixelvision recordings that mimic Byrd’s occasional short-wave radio transmissions to the outside world.

Artist and critic David Garneau identifies Campbell as an “emerging member of the Lethbridge School, that includes Janet Cardiff, George Bures Miller and David Hoffos. The language in many of the works by these artists… is poised between science, fiction and spirituality; as if trying to reactivate the pre-postmodern imaginary of mid-century sci-fi radio shows and novels that subverted the dominant discourse through anxious, apocalyptic speculations, conspiracy theories and mistrust of rationality.” (Michael Campbell: Enlightenment in the Suburbs, Vie Des Arts, No. 185, 2002)

Michael Campbell has exhibited widely in Canada including: Plug In ICA, YYZ Artists’ Outlet, Southern Alberta Art Gallery and the Alberta Biennial of Contemporary Art, as well as internationally in Japan and France. He currently lives in Lethbridge Alberta and is an Associate Professor at The University of Lethbridge, Department of Art.
More information on Michael Campbell is available at http://people.uleth.ca/~michael.campbell



Breach by Farheen HAQ & Christopher HAQ

Trinity Square Video Gallery is pleased to present the premiere of a video diptych by accomplished young artists Farheen HAQ and Christopher HAQ from January 26 to February 25, 2006. Breach explores many of the dualities experienced in human life: the mind/body split, tension/release and the inner/outer world. These dichotomies are depicted with the absurd struggles of a central male character as he passes through an upper world of air and a lower world of water.

Breach is a continuation of Farheen and Christopher’s Water Series, which is an elemental look at the archetypal struggles facing women and men. The first work in the series, Adrift (2005), features a woman on a solitary journey into a watery world where she is wrapped in cloth by a group of women and set adrift on the current. Conversely, Breach is a journey that depicts memories of a man’s cycle of life.

Farheen HAQ is a video artist working with photo, performance and video installation. Her work explores cultural inscriptions of the body, gender and ritual. She exhibits widely across North America including New York, Los Angeles, Vancouver and Toronto. She teaches at the Vancouver Island School of Art and also works on community development projects. She recently completed her MFA at York University.

Christopher HAQ is a musician and video artist who has frequently collaborated with Farheen HAQ. He has worked as director of photography, editor and music composer for a wide variety of videos and installations. He has also filmed his own video shorts, drawing upon his diverse careers of working as an acupuncturist, promoting community gardening and horseback cattle ranching