José A Mora – AND YOU MOVE

September 25 – October 18, 2015

Presented at Vidéographe, Montréal
Viewable dusk till midnight daily.

AND YOU MOVE is a residential storefront display that preoccupies itself by daydreaming about modernist alienation and malaise. For Vidéographe’s unique exhibition space in a commonplace residential window, José Andres Mora has fabricated an LED sign with scrolling text programmed to communicate with the outside world. Residential storefront signs typically advertise products or services in order to entice passers-by into the building, but Mora’s sign has more existential considerations, which complicate such straightforward relationships between interior and exterior.

AND YOU MOVE offers two simultaneous streams of text; one guttural, onomatopoeic, and affective; the other descriptive, meandering, and directive. Presented at different sizes, in different colours, and scrolling in opposite directions, the texts work both alongside and against each other, undermining any sense of coherence that may be able to be gleaned from either independently. The bottom portion of the sign presents a second-person description of a reader trapped in ad-infinitum loops of unproductive wanderings—-absent-minded and without purpose. The upper portion simply grunts, beeps, groans in strained attempts at self-expression.

The disjuncture between these two displays conjure a semblance of a split consciousness within the screen in an act of becoming. Mora’s sign acts as a form of theatrical speculation, performing what it could be like to be a sign that is, in turn, speculating what it’s like to be a human being. The sign’s incoherent ramblings, however, seems to suggest it is confused about what it is that humans actually do–or perhaps it is trying to express its own meaningless existence by describing monotonous routines that are analogous to its own.

Mora’s approach to language unwinds expectations of textual communication. Not quite spoken, not exactly written, without punctuation, and sometimes backwards; AND IT MOVES employs a foreign mode of communication that is nonetheless fully constituted within the structure of English language. It encourages a subtle shift of how the viewer processes thought, and helping the viewer imagine being other than human and feel like a sign feels.

Inverting the language of advertising–with its efficient focus on impact–Mora’s Mobius texts go nowhere; they are experiential rather than narrative. Revolving around banality, absence, and expression they attempt to snare the viewer in a tragicomic loop of the unremarkable–with sympathy to the lost, the trapped, and the aimless.


After graduating from Capilano Universityin Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, José Andrés Mora received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Nova Scotia College of Artand Design in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Presently, Mora maintains an interdisciplinarypractice with a focus on multimedia installation and video-based work. He lives inToronto, Ontario.

Videographe is an artist-run center dedicated to the creation, dissemination and distribution of independent media art works. Videographe is also one of the oldest media arts Centre in Canada. Its mandate is to encourage innovative practices in media art, video art, short films, interactive and new media arts.  It offers access to media arts production, post production and dissemination equipment, as well as to a multidisciplinary space and a laboratory equipped with electronics for interactive arts. Moreover, Videographe offers the community a partnership program as well as specialized and customized training courses. For its members, it offers generous creation support programs and several other benefits.  Its members include artists in the media arts, visual arts, dance, theatre, as well as in other forms of non-disciplinary arts.

AND YOU MOVE is the first of two projects by Toronto-based artists curated by Trinity Square Video for Vidéographe’s window projects gallery. 

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