ANNOUNCEMENT: Themed Commission Residency 2021

Themed Commission Residency 2021: Archival Affections

Image by Yuula Benivolski


Trinity Square Video is pleased to announce the six artists selected for our annual themed commission. This residency will culminate in a group exhibition taking place in August, 2021. This year’s open call, titled Archival Affections invites project proposals that critically look at one’s relationship to archives; both non-fiction and fictional materials that account for public, private, and cultural memory.

The artists in residence:

Camila Salcedo is an interdisciplinary artist, independent curator, community organizer, and arts educator currently based in Toronto. She uses memory as a methodology for reshaping the past, enacting through the present, and creating new futures. Through do-it-yourself patchworks, she attempts to weave together her view of the world, while questioning systems, authorities and institutions that were created to define us such as gender, identity, migration and nations.

Monique Todd is a writer, researcher and artist based in London, UK, working through essays, mapping and multimedia formats. She is interested in frictions, edges, joyful error, unsanitary desires and frisky freaky potentials.

Katayoun Jalilipour is a genderqueer Iranian born multidisciplinary artist, performer and writer based in the UK. They often use their own body as the subject to discuss race, gender identity and sexuality, and poke fun and disturb social norms, primarily through performance art as well as digital mediums such as gifs, video and polaroid photography.​​

Vanessa Godden is a queer Indo-Trinidadian and Euro-Canadian artist and academic based in Toronto, Canada. Their artistic practice uses performative gestures to explore how personal histories of sexual assault, cultural heritage, and the body in relation to geographic space can be conveyed through material engagements with the body.

Lana Lovell was born in London, England to Jamaican and Guyanese parents, and currently lives and works in Toronto. Lovell directs and produces documentaries, and writes and produces drama with her company gloriagrethel inc. She is drawn to stories, fictional and factual, about challenging and unpredictable lives. 

Yuula Benivolski is a Russian photographer and video artist based in Toronto, Canada. By exploring collective memory and identity through a lens of perseverance and humour, Benivolski’s work employs the immigrant narrative to break down stigma, to build intergenerational ties, and to create a sense of belonging.