PROGRAMMING: Astrology Consultations with Cadence Planthara

Astrology Consultations with Cadence Planthara

In conjunction with the exhibition Disputed Bodies, participating artist Cadence Planthara will be offering 50-minute natal chart consultations at Trinity Square Video.

These one-on-one astrology readings are FREE, but space is limited. Sessions will take place in the evenings at the gallery.

If you know your date, exact time (with source, e.g. birth certificate), and place of birth, please email [email protected] to reserve a time.


Cadence Planthara is an interdisciplinary artist who has been studying astrology since 2013. Her chart interpretations use a traditional western framework (whole-sign houses and visible planets for sign rulership), incorporating outer planets and major asteroids to give insight into an individual’s strengths and challenges, and to forecast likely future themes and events.