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C200 / C300 MKII Comparisons 4K 10bit / 4K Raw 12bit

Our initial intention for this test was to show a high contrast scene, where we could see where each camera’s limit was for highlight recovery. As it turned out, the blue skies turned grey just before we rolled up, as a result we got a very even exposure. So that test will come. The results here are very interesting, there is a great amount of increased detail on the C200.

I used the identical lens on both cameras, they shared the one CNE 50mm. I encourage people to download Ntown’s CLOG2 base LUT (It’s genius) ntown.at/2016/03/09/canon-c300-mark-ii-clog2-base-lut-download/ Note: There is a slight greenish tint on the C200 clips, this is because on export to pro res I did not leave the tint settings on “As shot” by mistake. I will re-upload shortly.