Deadline: 20 April 2019 

Trinity Square Video and the
Don River Valley Park project at Evergreen Brickwork is seeking an invested individual (curator, artist, writer, community leader/organizer, or creative technologist) to take the lead in our upcoming initiative XR as Anti-Gentrifier – a research-creation project examining the artist’s role in Toronto’s contemporary gentrification process and how interactive technologies can provide an alternative medium for community-responsive public art. This independent research position is a joint initiative between Trinity Square Video and Evergreen’s Don River Valley Park project, and is funded through the Toronto Arts Council’s Animating Historic Sites program.

With the Lower Don River and its adjacent neighbourhoods as the site of inquiry, XR as Anti-Gentrifier provides a creative, issue-specific research opportunity for arts professionals working with media arts. The chosen candidate should be interested in critical urban issues, socially-engaged practice and new, digital technologies. As this role will involve working with communities and organizations to further understand the demographic structures and societal concerns of targeted neighbourhoods, an ideal candidate should feel comfortable working with the public with a respectful and tolerant nature.

This research can be taken in many directions, but this position involve two major focuses:

  1. to propose a plan/method to uncover the development trends of the adjacent neighborhoods and the displacement patterns experienced by their communities.
  2. to research the potentials in virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR or XR) for art production in public space, recognizing that its virtual, ephemeral nature could offer meaningful contributions for artists to create socially-responsible work and promote advocacy against common gentrification trends and outcomes.

The end result is to provide the individual an opportunity to curate/manage a final public art project or create an interactive series of work themselves for public engagement.

Activities can include:

  • Researching displacement patterns experienced in communities surrounding the Don River, and other forms of gentrification that have recently affected these Toronto neighbourhoods.
  • Meeting with community members and organizations to learn about their locational challenges and values, and gauge their interest in public art and interactive technologies.
  • Travel to the City of Toronto Archives to understand the histories of the communities surrounding the Don River.
  • Research and participate in studio visits with new media artists who are interested in this subject and social practice.
  • Explorations into Smart City development, and design/digital justice initiatives.

Outcomes may vary but should include:

  • Presenting findings and plans to curatorial staff at Trinity Square Video and Don River Valley Park as research progresses.
  • Preparation of research findings to be made as a publically available resource via web, social media and/or a talk or workshop (editing and event support will be available).

Expected salary + schedule:

The majority of this research should take place between April and July 2019.

$25/hour, 12-14 hours/week


Please send your CV and letter of intent to: [email protected] with the subject line “XR as Anti-Gentrifier”



Toronto Arts Council