Call for Participants: Conversations about Harm Reduction with Syrus Marcus Ware and Ultra-red

Call for Participants: Conversations about Harm Reduction with Syrus Marcus Ware and Ultra-red

Wednesday, June 26, 7-9PM
North Borden Building
563 Spadina Ave.

This listening session is a conversation about harm reduction.

There is no audience only participants.

We welcome to the conversation anyone who has a political or personal relationship to harm reduction and is in solidarity with the harm reduction movement. The listening session will be recorded and featured in the installation, “Street Hassle” by Ultra-red and Syrus Marcus Ware as part of the exhibition “Everyonce” curated by Mitchell Akiyama. By participating in the conversation you agree to have your comments recorded and broadcast publicly.



Syrus Marcus Ware is a Vanier Scholar, a visual artist, community activist, researcher, youth-advocate and educator. For 12 years, he was the Coordinator of the Art Gallery of Ontario Youth Program. Syrus is currently a facilitator/designer for the Cultural Leaders Lab (Toronto Arts Council & The Banff Centre). He is the inaugural artist-in-residence for Daniels Spectrum (2016/2017). Syrus is also a core-team member of Black Lives Matter Toronto.

is an international political sound art collective founded by two AIDS activists in Los Angeles in 1994. After releasing multiple albums and mounting numerous exhibitions, in 2005 Ultra-red research teams in Los Angeles, New York, Berlin, and the U.K. collectively shifted focus from organizing sound to organizing listening; investigating the ways political movements use organized listening to reflect on lived experience, analyze those reflections, and take action to test their analysis. More recently, the Los Angeles Ultra-red team has immersed itself in movement building through the L.A. Tenants Union, founded in 2015, presently with eight neighborhood chapters and close to seven thousand members and supporters. For the installation at 401 Richmond, Ultra-red will be represented by founding member Dont Rhine.