Call for Submissions: Technologies of Perception

Themed Commission Program

Submission Form available here
Deadline: May 15th, 2015



Trinity Square Video is seeking submissions for the third round of our Themed Commission trilogy exploring expanded dimensions of video. This year’s theme, Technologies of Perception, asks artists to make inquires into the entanglement of perception and technology.

“Technologies of Perception” is meant to be an evocative term rather than a restrictive one. We encourage submissions from artists who work with both emerging and historical technologies, as well as those investigating either the philosophy of perception or its mechanics.

Each selected artist will be given access to Trinity Square Video’s production and post-production equipment and facilities as well as full access to Trinity Square Video gallery from June 9th – August 7th, 2015. Participating artists are expected to participate in group critiques and planning sessions and will be expected to complete their project in time for a group exhibition at Trinity Square Video in August 2015.

Submissions will be reviewed by the Trinity Square Programming Committee who will make selections based on the proposed project’s innovation, feasibility, aesthetic potential, and conceptual merits.

Potential mediums include:

  • Lens based mediums
  • Virtual Reality
  • Mixed Reality
  • Illusion
  • Lenticular
  • 3D technologies
  • Single-channel video
  • Projection-mapping
  • Light sculpting
  • Installation
  • Creative or critical writing
  • Thought experiments
  • Guided meditation
  • Video games
  • Webcasting or television broadcast
  • Physical animation (thaumotropes, eidophusikons, zoetropes, flipbooks)
  • Creative use of Gifs
  • Or any conceptual or experimental responses/challenges to this call in any media

Selected artists receive:

  • $850 credit in production equipment rentals for the creation of their projects;
  • 100 hours of editing time;
  • Two months of access to Trinity Square Video’s Gallery for use as a group studio with other Themed Commission participants.
  • Trinity Square Video membership or renewal;
  • $350 cash in production support;
  • Participation in a group exhibition with CARFAC fees (August-September, 2015)

While each project is created separately, the artists will participate in group-critiques of works-in-progress, where they can receive peer-support and feedback.

All Greater Toronto Area emerging, mid-career and established artists working in all forms of media are welcome to submit. Proposals from those living outside Toronto and surrounding area must ensure that the artist will attend all Themed Commission related activities at their own expense.


Applications forms are available here

Deadline: May 15th, 2015

All applications should be submitted via e-mail to

Subject line: Technologies of Perception Submission