CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: TPFF 2022 Film Residency in partnership with Toronto Palestine Film Festival and Trinity Square Video. 

TPFF’s Film Residency invites applications from Palestinian filmmakers across Canada to create new 10-20 minute long film/video projects with the guidance and support of TPFF and guest artist instructors. The completed projects will be screened at the 15th annual Toronto Palestine Film Festival to be held in September 2022. Films/videos can be of any topic/genre/style/form — from doc to experimental to fiction or a hybrid.

Submission Deadline: January 23, 2022 (no submission fee).

The residency runs between February 1 – August 15th, 2022, with productions completed by the end date.

Partner Support: The residency will provide each participant with a one-year membership and substantial in-kind support from Trinity Square Video. This can include production gear, production facilities and post-production services, as well as training workshops.

TPFF Support: Through monthly intensive workshops the TPFF Film Residency will provide ongoing support that connects the residents with established artists in the field of video and film. The workshops will bring in a series of specialists and renowned artists for one-on-one feedback. The residents will also be supported through specialized workshops that target each stage of the filmmaking and video making process (development, conceptualization, scripting, prep, production, rough cuts, fine cuts, festivals, distribution). Each resident will also receive financial support to assist with their short film production costs (last year’s amount was $2500 per filmmaker, and we are working to increase that this year).

Participants will also have full access to TPFF 2022 including all the screenings, special programs and networking events.

Submission requirements:
– Synopsis of the proposed project, including: genre, story, form and visual treatment (two-pages maximum)
– Director’s Statement (one-page maximum), including any information about the project that makes it unique, how it relates to your past work (e.g., personal connection to the story material, etc.)
– A short plan on how you will produce the film in 2022. Please provide a rough schedule of production. Keep in mind that the residency timeline is from February 1st to August 15). Also consider the ever-changing social distancing measures and COVID-19 restrictions.
– Current Creative CV, including training, education, experience, and accolades.
– A PDF document with active links to past films that you have written/directed.
– Proposed Budget. Please include a fundraising plan if the budget exceeds $2500.

Send all above in a single PDF to [email protected] with the headline “Call for Submission: TPFF Film Residency”

– The Local Pals Residency is open to Palestinian filmmakers and artists based across Canada.
– Participants must have previously produced, directed and/or written at least one short video or film. Collectives are welcome to apply.
– Participants must be Canadian citizens within the definition of the Citizenship Act, or permanent residents within the definition of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act