Call for Close Workshop Participants: Writing the Moving Image
Facilitated by Fan Wu

Trinity Square Video

In this workshop, a group of 6-8 participants will examine in depth the subject of how we might write about cinema–beautifully, attentively, collaboratively.

Together we will delve into such questions as:
Is it an impossible dream that I must set to mourning: an art writing that is adequate to its subject? What are effective forms of writing the moving image–should writing move by principles of expression, subordination, adjacency to its object? How might the writer maneuver between the Scylla of excessive description (and thus reduction of the image to a faded shadow in the form of language) and the Charybdis of subjective indulgence (and thus destruction of the image by the insular experience of the writer)? How does the writer wrestle with the melancholia of translating the image into the fixity of the symbolic? What can moving image writing learn from the history of ekphrasis and its reflections on the static image?

In this ten-week workshop running from the beginning of October to early December, we’ll be collectively thinking at the intersection between writing and the moving image in its diverse manifestations. Avenues of inquiry may include:
– essays, theses, propositions on the moving image (Hito Steryerl’s Wretched of the Screen)
– essays on particular pieces of moving image (David Foster Wallace on David Lynch)
– experimental exhibition texts (Ryan Trecartin’s Animated Reader)
– texts that consider writing as the moving image (Lisa Robertson’s Cinema of the Present)
– filmmakers theorizing their own practice through writing (Jean Epstein, Chris Marker)

All participants will be invited to shape the syllabus with text-objects they want to learn or teach. We’ll also undertake several solo and collaborative writing activities.

We welcome applications from writers and poets working with the moving image, as well as filmmakers with a writing practice. We can offer

participants a small stipend, and the workshop will culminate in a collective publication via Trinity Square Video.

To apply, please provide:
– a 300-500 word blurb on your interest in the junction between writing & moving image, including your experience, influences, future passions in the field
– a sample of writing or video
– CV

Deadline is 28 September 2018.

Send proposals to




Fan Wu is a writer and community organizer who works at the intersection of film, literature, and continental philosophy. He hosts critical reading / creative writing workshops through Art Metropole. You can find his most recent work, on cruising and Tsai Ming Liang, at MICE Magazine.