EVENT: Artist-Run Blockchain 101 + Community Feedback

Artist-Run Blockchain 101 Presentation + Community Feedback Session

July 28th, 2021, Wednesday 5PM

To get the zoom link, contact [email protected]

Since 2020, Trinity Square Video has been working on a research project called “Artist-Run Blockchain”. We wanted to create an artist-run blockchain that would answer the specific needs of digital media artists. The vision for the artist-run blockchain is that at every interaction ...

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PUBLICATION: The Other NFT Report by Camille Rojas

NFTs are shaking up the art market, and has opened up a new world of possibilities and opportunity for digital artists. However, the complicated mechanisms and erratic nature of cryptocurrency/blockchain development can be intimidating.

“The Other NFT Report” by Camille Rojas is a short and accessible  guide to understanding the risks and rewards of engaging with this new technology. Rojas shares with us her experience entering and navigating different NFT platforms, as well as the sociopolitical and  ...

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PROGRAMMING: Ye gaane ka mood kya hai?/ What is the mood of this song?

Ye gaane ka mood kya hai?/ What is the mood of this song?
with Rehana Zaman and Sharlene Bamboat

Sunday, June 27

Register here


A love letter as call and response between artists Rehana Zaman and Sharlene Bamboat, where they discuss Pakistani disco, love and solidarity, narration, low frequencies and mutability in their work.

In conjunction with Jupiter in ...

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ANNOUNCEMENT: Themed Commission Residency 2021

Themed Commission Residency 2021: Archival Affections

Image by Yuula Benivolski


Trinity Square Video is pleased to announce the six artists selected for our annual themed commission. This residency will culminate in a group exhibition taking place in August, 2021. This year’s open call, titled Archival Affections invites project proposals that critically look at one’s ...

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ARTIST WORKSHOP: Personal Archaeology with James Knott

“PERSONAL ARCHAEOLOGY” Auto-Iconography in Self Mythologizing Art Practices

A free online workshop in conjunction with the Virtual Vitrine by James Knott

Saturday, 19th June, 2-3:30PM

In what ways can artists imbue objects with personal meanings so as to create mythologies about their own personal histories? James Knott performs an autopsy over their performance practice to excavate the recurring objects and motifs they employ ...

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ONLINE LAUNCH: Writing the Moving Image


with contributions by Belinda Kwan, Kristin Li, Janina Malapitan, Peter Rahul, Harrison Wade, Theresa Wang, Jonathan Wright, Fan Wu

Tuesday, May 25, 7:00 – 8:30 PM via Zoom Meeting

Check out Writing the Moving Image here!


Writing the Moving Image was a workshop hosted by Fan Wu at Trinity Square Video in 2018, where participants delved into various configurations of ...

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EROTICA! by Zarina Muhammad was commissioned in conjunction with the exhibition Jupiter in Aries, Moon in Virgo by Rehana Zaman

Click here to download

Design by Philip Leonard Ocampo
Copy Editing by Daniella Sanader


ZARINA MUHAMMAD (b.1994, London) is a writer and an art critic @ the white pube (thewhitepube.com // @thewhitepube). cancer sun/aries moon/sagittarius ascendant. ‘intellectual charlatan’, ‘sociopathic pseudo-critic’, leading ...

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PROGRAMMING: A conversation with Chandra Frank and Rehana Zaman

A conversation with Chandra Frank and Rehana Zaman

Tuesday, April 13


Register here


On 13th April Chandra Frank and Rehana Zaman will be in-conversation reflecting on the feelings, thoughts and ideas emerging from the exhibition Jupiter in Aries, Moon in Virgo. They will be discussing creative praxis through fragments related to land, intimacy and kinship ...

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EXHIBITION: Jupiter in Aries, Moon in Virgo

Jupiter in Aries, Moon in Virgo
Rehana Zaman

03 April – 17 July 2021

A primary exhibition of the Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival

There is a familiar point of view when sitting in the passenger seat of a car or at the kitchen table absorbed in close dialogue with others. Whether it’s the passing scenery or the preparation of food that flickers in ...

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EXHIBITION: little did i know

little did i know
with Christie Carriere, Hannia Cheng, and jes sachse

26 February – 27 March 2021

an in-gallery and online project


in the current digital landscape, we are all collectively shitting ourselves with the idea of staying relevant now that everything’s online.

little did i know: a conversation; a disruption; a relationship that’s been nourished between Christie Carriere, Hannia Cheng, ...

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SCREENING: MVP Winter 2021

MVP Winter 2021 (Music Video Projects)


Where: Youtube/TrinitySquare


Featuring works by * Classic Roots * Natasha Fisher * Nimkii * Chrisann Hessing * Queenstreethush * Dion Lynch * Nathan Adler * Dave Monks * Alyson McNamara * John Packman * RIV * Kevan “Scruffmouth” Cameron * Devon “Mr. Metro” Martin * Stefana Fratila * Colin ...

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Moving Ether Way

11 December, 2020 – 30 January, 2021

Camille Rojas
Dallas Fellini
Hiba Ali
sarah koekkoek

Curated by Holly Chang and Karina Iskandarsjah

In the face of deep uncertainty, we are moving either way.

Moving Ether Way presents newly commissioned digitally immersive performance art works by Camille Rojas, Dallas Fellini, Hiba Ali, and sarah koekkoek. ...

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Shawn Johnston

08 January – 13 February 2021


RESIDVALS is a multimedia project based on the St. Joseph School for Girls and St. Peter Claver/Garnier High School for Boys located in Spanish, Ontario. The project examines the artist’s relationship to the site through place (the physical past and present location, historical events/occurrence) and memory (the ideas formed by visits to space during youth, ...

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VITRINE: La Fable d’OxA 21965

La Fable d’OxA 21965

By Anna Eyler and Nicolas Lapointe

06 November 2020 – 04 January 2021

Since the Industrial Revolution, our relationship with the earth has become increasingly mediated by technologies of visualisation, sonification, classification, mapping, and simulation. At the same time, it is the minerals and materials of the earth that have facilitated these technological developments. The earth may therefore be ...

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