2005 Programming



Themed Commission Program

This program is the first in a trilogy called Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité. TSV turns to the French Revolutionary slogan as the source of inspiration and as a reflection of TSV’s history as a centre for socially relevant video. With this first program, TSV commissioned five artists to define freedom in terms of their own experiences and convictions. Surprisingly, these artists have found liberty to be primarily a state of mind rather than ...

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2004 Programming


Men in the Wall

Yes, you get to wear the goofy glasses.

EXTENDED HOURS: TSV will be open Saturday, November 27, 12 – 5pm for viewing of Men in the Wall.

TSV and Moving Pictures Festival of Dance on Film and Video are pleased to co-present the North American premiere of Liz Aggiss and Billy Cowie’s artwork, an installation that redefines both dance screen practices and video installation with stereoscopic (3D) technology.

The installation consists of four matching ...

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2003 Programming



Contemporary Cuban Video

Cuba’s unique political, social and economic position has long been the subject of scrutiny and curiosity in the world – One of the last bastions of the Socialist Ideal, Cuba is located less than 100 miles from the world’s most powerful capitalist nation. Tourism has emerged as the predominant economic player against this extraordinary political backdrop. In respect to this complex situation, the immediacy and reflective quality of film and video are ...

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2002 Programming


Devil Music

All works created during the TSV/Video In ‘Devil Music’ Residency 2002; part of the Sex, Drugs & Rock n’ Roll Trilogy, conceived by TSV Artistic Director, Scott Treleaven special thanks to the artists, volunteers, and staff at TSV

Programmed in 2002.


Devil Music Trailer: Succubus


  • Production medium: DV
  • Categories: Horror & Music
  • Production year: 2002
  • Author: Day Milkman

The Number of the Beast

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2001 Programming



Mixing/Mutating. With a strategically vague Call for Submissions, TSV attempted to cast the net as widely as possible for this programme. Over the course our highly successful Cultural Engineers series it seemed that every speaker would eventually turn to the particularly titillating and foreboding idea that new technology is leading us to a new sexuality.

Genesis P-Orridge (the man who coined the term “cultural engineer”) was emphatic that the increasing prevalence of cosmetic surgery and ...

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