CRIT Session

by Ilze Briede / Photo Credit: Bill Bradshaw


PLEASE COME INSIDE for a CRIT Session at Trinity Square Video on Wednesday, March 15, 2017 from 6pm onwards…

Now that March means Video Fever – Trinity Square Video’s annual screening showcasing cutting-edge video works produced by local emerging artists in Art School or fresh out of school. Video Fever also has brought to the foreground how art school is synonymous with Crit Sessions. Independent producers are missing this valuable resource of getting feedback on their work and works-in-progress. Please join your fellow media arts makers for a convivial evening of constructive dialogue as we break bread, view media work and respond with feedback. Please sign up by contacting with “Crit Session plus your name” in the subject line of your email. There is no charge and all are welcome. Please bring your comments, questions, advice and cheers prepped for the evening’s camaraderie.

Trinity Square Video

401 Richmond Street West

Suite 121

Toronto, ON M5S 2R3

Image Credit: Ilze Briede / Video Projection / Photographer’s Credit: Bill Bradshaw / 2014