Critical Ethics: Themed Commission Call for Submissions

Terrarea - Office Space Modulator (2014) Commissioned for Trinity Square Video's 2014 Themed Commission "Sculptural Video"

Terrarea, Office Space Modulator (2014)
Commissioned for Trinity Square Video’s 2014 Themed Commission – Sculptural Video

Deadline: May 27th, 2016

Submission Form available here


Trinity Square Video is seeking submissions for our annual Themed Commission program where we host artists to produce or workshop new projects in a collaborative environment of like-minded artists. This year’s theme, Critical Ethics, invites artists to investigate what media art can offer to dialogues in ethics and ethical philosophy. Seeking projects that move beyond moralizing debates, this call invites artists to address Critical Ethics as a nuanced investigation into relational interactions between individuals, groups, technologies, species, environments, and ideas. We encourage works that address the complicated ethical entanglements in which we are always already embedded, exploring ethics as a site of negotiation rather than an execution of moral decrees, and proposing alternative perspectives on such relations.

Proposed projects might include (but certainly are not limited to) questions such as: What are the dynamics that dictate a healthy relationship between screen and subject? What are the political implications of the scanner? How does our relationship with our phones affect our relationships with other humans remotely and in proximity? What is the ethical responsibility of a lens?

Critical Ethics asks artists to push and reconfigure our understandings of ethics in the context of a highly mediated and mediatized world. What might a new philosophy of ethics seek to describe or understand in this contemporary context? The theme is meant to be evocative rather than restrictive; use it as a jumping off point for thinking through your project, proposals that challenge the premise of the call are also encouraged. This call is not restricted to video, or digital art, we will accept projects in any medium which could be argued to be media art (however tenuous that claim may be).

Each selected artist will be given access to Trinity Square Video’s production and post-production equipment and facilities as well as full access to Trinity Square Video gallery from June  – August, 2016. Participating artists are expected to participate in group critiques and planning sessions, and will be expected to complete their project (or a draft of their project) in time for a group exhibition at Trinity Square Video in September 2016.

Submissions will be reviewed by the Trinity Square Programming Committee who will make selections based on the proposed project’s innovation, feasibility, aesthetic potential, and conceptual merits.

Selected artists receive:

  • $850 credit in production equipment rentals for the creation of their projects;
  • Access to the Trinity Square Video Media Lab June – August, 2016;
  • Trinity Square Video membership or renewal;
  • $350 cash in production support;
  • Participation in a group exhibition with CARFAC fees (September, 2016)

While each project is created separately, the artists will participate in group-critiques of works-in-progress, where they can receive peer-support and feedback.

All Greater Toronto Area emerging, mid-career and established artists working in all forms of media are welcome to submit. Proposals from those living outside Toronto and surrounding area must ensure that the artist will attend all Themed Commission related activities at their own expense.


Applications forms are available here

All applications should be submitted via e-mail to

Subject line: Critical Ethics Submission