Cult Classics Screening Series + Holiday Party

Mash Up 2

TSV Cult Classics Screening Series:
Thursday, December 10, 2015 – 7-11pm
PWYC Entry (Suggested Donation, $5)

Prometheus’ Garden” (1988, Bruce Bickford, 28 minutes)

Presented by Jessica Vallentin
Served with a Speciality Cocktail

Introduced with “A Good Place to Hide” by Sarah D’Angelo

Followed by the TSV Holiday Party feat. DJ Lesbian Menace

Featuring “Ghosts of Home Entertainment”: a performance by Andrew James Paterson

PROMETHEUS’ GARDEN (1988) is a hallucinatory claymation epic by underground animator Bruce Bickford. Inspired by the Greek myth of the Titan Prometheus, who stole fire from the gods and made the first human beings from clay, “Prometheus’ Garden” was described by the San Francisco Chronicle as “wildly imaginative and morbidly funny.”

EXTRA TREAT: “Prometheus’ Garden” will be preceded by “A Good Place To Hide” a claymation short by Toronto-based artist Sarah D’Angelo

GHOSTS OF HOME ENTERTAINMENT is a performance that illustrates Andrew James Paterson’s longstanding play with speech and language as repositories for divisions of discourse and power. Paterson’s conversational scripts, with their droll parodying of the caustic symbiosis between artists and art bureaucrats, art and art galleries, making and collecting, attest to a world of blank and bored cultural production and consumption. In a clairvoyant turn, Paterson’s work outlines the digital age: the videos are fraught with characters stuck between consuming and producing, who just sit back and talk and watch — and talk in text — absorbed by their ghostly boundaries.

In the Cult Classic Screening Series, an artist and member of Trinity Square Video will select a ‘cult classic’ film and pair it with a thematic cocktail. Screenings are PWYC with a suggested donation of $5.00. Proceeds will go towards funding TSV’s upcoming move to the first floor of 401 Richmond in 2016.

The Cult Classic Screening Series and Holiday Party is brought to you by TSV’s Membership and Events Committee.