A Space
To Re-imagine
Media Arts



For 50 years, Trinity Square Video has been a proponent of video-based artistic practice. One of Canada’s first artist-run centres and the oldest media arts centre in Toronto. Trinity Square Video is a not-for-profit, charitable organization that aims to meaningfully engage diverse creative voices through its accessible production, post-production, and exhibition support. Trinity Square Video champions an evolving definition of video by presenting challenging contemporary art that inspires its members and audiences to expand their understanding of media art. We strive to create a supportive environment, encouraging artistic and curatorial experimentation with video that challenges notions of medium specificity and advances media art as a creative discipline.

To increase accessibility for diversely situated and emerging artists throughout the City, we are undertaking community and educational outreach, empowering young people with technical and aesthetic skills needed to tell their stories and share their vision by using simple and inexpensive equipment and tools. We intend this to be a mobile initiative, traveling into community centres and libraries where space exists, but tools and training are lacking. It is part of our strategic plan to create life-long relationships with artists through mentorship at the early stages of their careers, supporting them through investing in their talent and providing a venue for their work.

Every year Trinity Square Video partners with community organizations to bring training, skills development and workshops into under-served, marginalized and under-represented communities through creative story-telling and presentation of work. We have partnered with communities in York University Heights, Black Creek, Jane Glenview, Malvern, Lawrence Heights, Regent Park, Parkdale, disabled or challenged artists, Indigenous, street-involved, LGBTQ and mentally challenged artists. Your contribution will make it possible for us to provide training, production services and financial support to individuals in need and to expand our reach into these communities.