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EVENT: Artist-Run Blockchain 101 + Community Feedback

Artist-Run Blockchain 101 Presentation + Community Feedback Session

July 28th, 2021, Wednesday 5PM

To get the zoom link, contact karina@trinitysquarevideo.com

Since 2020, Trinity Square Video has been working on a research project called “Artist-Run Blockchain”. We wanted to create an artist-run blockchain that would answer the specific needs of digital media artists. The vision for the artist-run blockchain is that at every interaction with the artwork (i.e. publications, collaboration with other digital content, purchases, etc.), artists employ blockchain technology to authenticate and authorize the use of their artwork.

On July 28th, please join us for a presentation that breaks down the technological components of our envisioned platform! We also want to ask you, our digital and media art community, what your questions and concerns are with regards to all things blockchain and NFTs.

Presentation of the Artist-Run Blockchain:

David Plant (Executive Director, Trinity Square Video)

Chinmay Patel (Founder & CEO, BlockX Labs)

Scott Howard (Advisor, BlockX Labs)

Guest Artist Speakers:

Camille Rojas

Trudy Elmore