Karen Vanderborght
March 21 – 28, 2019

Opening Reception: March 21st – 6pm – 8pm

Created by director, AR/VR specialist Karen Vanderborght, GREY MATTER AR explores the poetic and existential potential of AR (Augmented Reality), social media, and smartphones, turning selfies into a self-reflective magic mirror where the wit and wisdom of our elders serve as your guide.

Launching on March 21st at Trinity Square Video (401 Richmond Street West) GREY MATTER AR, through your phone, you will interact with the sublime, tragic, and inspirational stories of 10 diverse seniors living in Canada. See their words, thoughts, and appearances transpose and intersect with your selfie in an edifying engagement on themes of age, memory, time, regret, and resilience. From March 21st onwards into eternity, you’ll be able to freely download these filters through Snapchat.

Beginning last year – Karen filmed and interviewed 10 seniors who brought wildly diverse and universal wisdom to some of life’s biggest questions. From an Ojibwe leader who lived through residential school, to a church organist who publicly came out as gay when he was 80, to Senator Anne Cools, the first black senator in Canada – all the seniors provide unique and profound perspectives on what it means to be alive and grow older.



Karen is a new media artist, university lecturer, and partner in a digital agency. She has a cross-platform career, from documentary series for broadcasters like Radio Canada, TV5, TFO, and APTN to interactive projects for the NFB (National Film Board of Canada). She also consulted branches of the United Nations in using new media production tools like Virtual and Augmented Reality. Her artwork is shown internationally and can be found in museum collections, as well as on streaming platforms. Whatever the context, all of her work is driven by using emerging technology to take the human story to places where it has never been before.

This project is supported by the Canada Council For The Arts, Ontario Arts Council,  and has the blessings of Snapchat.