EXHIBITION: Into the Red: They are. We are. I am.

Into the Red: They are. We are. I am.
Tiara Roxanne

27 March – 25 April 2020

Co-presented with Images Festival

Into the Red: They are. We are. I am. is an exhibition that responses to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning systems, focusing specifically on oppressive datafication boosts for Indigenous peoples. Artist and scholar Tiara Roxanne works with data mining, storytelling, and red textile installation. The exhibition aims to interrogate data colonialism alongside the embedded, intergenerational trauma experienced on an individual and collective level for Indigenous peoples.

This exhibition will utilize data mining techniques and an immersive textile installation to showcase the colonial violence of datafication, as data mining continues to silence and marginalize Indigenous peoples. Gestures of storytelling will respond to these tensions and realities as an awakening, a contemporization, a new archive. Throughout the course of the exhibit, hung textiles will morph, change, and plasticize like borders and bloodlines. In the main space, an added layer of red textile will signify the border, the ancestor, the bloodline, the Indigenous narrative.


Tiara Roxanne (PhD) is an Indigenous cyberfeminist, scholar and artist based in Berlin. Her research and artistic practice investigates the encounter between the Indigenous Body and AI. More particularly, she explores the colonial structure embedded within artificial intelligence learning systems in her writing and her performance art through textile. Currently her work is mediated through the color red. She received the Zora Neale Hurston Award from Naropa University in 2013 where she graduated from with her MFA. Under the supervision of Catherine Malabou, Tiara completed her dissertation, “Recovering Indigeneity: Territorial Dehiscence and Digital Immanence” in June 2019. Tiara has presented her work at SOAS (London), SLU (Madrid), Transmediale (Berlin), Duke University (NC), re:publica (Berlin), Tech Open Air (Berlin), AMOQA (Athens), among others. She is currently a Researcher at DeZIM-Institut in Berlin, Germany.