Rentals: Mobile Gear

This is the current catalogue of the mobile production equipment that is available for Trinity Square members to rent.


Orbit Dolly Wheel System

The Digital Juice Orbit Dolly is a unique camera tracking device that allows up to 360 degrees of adjustable radial and straight line Dolly motion on smooth surfaces. It is designed to be used both with and without a tripod and can be used in tabletop, normal and wide modes. With the Orbit Dolly, you can rotate around your subject at two feet away from the camera – or 12 feet – while still keeping your camera pointed toward the subject. The Orbit Dolly replaces the need for more costly straight AND curved tracks. It also quickly converts from a robust floor Dolly to a tabletop tracker, providing added versatility and maneuverability in an affordable package.

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Flex Trac

The Digital Juice FlexTrac is a highly portable, seamless and flexible track system designed for use with the Digital Juice Orbit Dolly. The product includes a 50' roll of flexible but solid rubber cord track plus a set of 3 pivoting wheel trucks which attach to the Orbit Dolly in place of its regular wheels. Two of the wheel trucks use a single center swivel to guide the dolly on one side of the track while the third sits on the opposite track and utilizes a 3" floating pivot arm, giving you the ability to track around corners and change directions as many times as you want, while also compensating for any deviation in the track spacing. The FlexTrac track can be configured in straight runs or can curve in any radius or direction. The 50' length of track provided in the kit can be looped to create a 20' – 22' dolly run, or an optional additional 50' section can be purchased in order to create a full 50' track.

*Works with Orbit Dolly, seen above*

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Spyder Car Mount

The system features three 3”, 6”, and 12” rods, each with a diameter of 7/8” to provide you with a strong and stable mounting base. These interchangeable multi-length legs can also be linked together in various combinations to suit your shooting needs. The versatile camera mounting plate accommodates almost all camera units. It sports one 3/8"-16 and eleven 1/4"-20 threaded mounting holes, along with a thru-hole for each thread pitch, for easy attachment of accessories like lights, monitors, and articulating arms.
$40$160/week$640/month(2 available)

Slyder Power Unit & 64″ Slider

The Digital Juice SLYDER POWER UNIT is an easy-to-use motor drive system designed for use with the Digital Juice 64-Inch Slyder Dolly units. With the Slyder Power Unit, you can get smooth dramatic shots on your Slyder Dolly with everything from a RED ONE to a Canon 5D. Its compact, yet powerful, friction-based motor drive can handle horizontal dolly moves with cameras up to 25 pounds, and angled shots up to 28 degrees with a 3-pound camera setup. Best of all, there are no complex controls or special apps to install. Simply attach the Slyder Power Unit's motor drive to the trolley of your Slyder Dolly, connect the motor drive to its power control unit with the included cable and you are ready to start shooting gorgeous cinematic footage. Watch this short tutorial video to see just how fast and easy it is to setup and operate the Slyder Power Unit.

Slider Plus – Edelkrone

Owned by Charles Street Video Owned by Charles Street Video

Tracking System for Increased Range
15.7" Sliding Range When Tripod Mounted
7.9" Sliding Range on Flat Surfaces
17.6 lb Load Capacity
Compact at Only 13.2" Long
3/8"-16 Mounting Hole
1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 Tie-Down Screws
CNC Machined Aluminum Construction
Steel Ball Bearings

DJI Ronin Gimbal

With its ability to add stabilization and smoothness to movement, the Ronin from DJI allows for handheld operating to be more dynamic and intimate. Offering 3 operation modes as well as a second operator remote control of the camera the Ronin is an asset on any set.

Follow Focus

Chrosziel Follow Focus

Matte Box

Chrosziel Matte Box with 4×4 Polarizing filter

Flex Fill

– Circle reflector White/ Sliver 42"

C-Stand (4′ to 14′)

$3$12/week$48/month(14 available)

AC Cable 25′ Black

$3$12/week$48/month(7 available)

Apple Box Full

$2.50$10/week$40/month(4 available)

Apple Box Half

$2.50$10/week$40/month(4 available)

Black 25lbs Sandbag

Black 25lbs Sandbag
$3$12/week$48/month(14 available)

Black Flag

$3$12/week$48/month(4 available)

Silk Flag

$3$12/week$48/month(4 available)

Pony Clip

$3$12/week$48/month(12 available)

Easy Rig Mini

the Easyrig Minimax is great for situations that require extensive handheld camerawork with cameras weighing from 4.4 to 15.4 pounds. Rather than uncomfortably handholding your camera, supporting the weight with your arms, the Minimax redistributes the weight of your camera setup through the body harness.

Maffer Clamp

Gripping clamps with spigot connector. 
$3$12/week$48/month(3 available)