PROGRAMMING: Internet Art Workshop with Shaheer Tarar

Internet Art Workshop with Shaheer Tarar

Saturday, 17 August 2019, 12-4 PM

In conjunction with the exhibition Networked Justice, Shaheer Tarar will be hosting an artist talk/workshop on Internet art. 

His work, News of the World, imagines a world shaped purely by the text and images circulated by the online news media. The generative environment gathers the latest news stories and uses their content and metadata to spawn figures, objects, and landscapes which interact with each other within the frame of a web-page. News of the World updates itself with more creatures and features every five minutes, transforming through the course of the exhibition and mimicking the world building powers of the news media.

In this workshop, participants will be asked to consider soft infrastructures of the internet—the databases, scripts, APIs and protocols which sit beneath the flow of images, words, and videos—as materials with which to produce artwork. Participants will be given a quick introduction to HTML, CSS, and Javascript, before developing a networked artwork using p5.js.

No previous coding experience is necessary. 


Maximum capacity: 10 participants

RSVP: [email protected]

Participants will need to bring their own laptop and download a code editing program. Brackets or Sublime Text are recommended and can be downloaded for free. If you are unable to bring a laptop, please let us know!


Supported by EQ Bank