One-on-one workshops

Trinity Square Video is always willing to help you set up a one-on-one workshop, or to help you and a friend learn a new skill-set. Contact our workshop coordinator Milada Kovacova for more information:

Sample of typical workshops offered:


Intro to Digital Video Cameras

This is a packed, one-day look at digital video camera techniques and technologies. Participants will be introduced to the differences between analog and digital imaging; the types, features and functions of a digital video camera; different types of shooting styles, including camera composition, placement and movement. A review of ‘shooting for the editor’ tips is included in the workshop. Hands-on access to different digital video cameras is provided, and students are encouraged to bring in their own camera, if desired.

Lighting & Sound

This is a one-day intensive hands-on workshop. Participants will be introduced to basic lighting and audio concepts, with tips and tricks for creative and inexpensive video production. The workshop explores the types, uses, challenges and creative opportunities encountered when adding lights to a video shoot. As well, the basic types of audio gear and microphones used in video production are reviewed, with a look at useful approaches to sound recording and audio for video production. Hands-on time with TSV audio and lighting equipment is built-in to the entire workshop, as is a discussion of other related equipment and technologies.

The Advanced Fundamentals of Light

All the best professional cinematographers know it, many keep it to themselves: the art of film and video lighting isn’t about working the lamps, it’s about understanding light. Another secret? Size isn’t everything. Sometimes the best tool for the job is a 100-Watt bulb in a 5-dollar lampshade.

This hands-on workshop will give you the skills you need to start making the most of your limited lighting budget. Participants will first learn how to look at, analyze, and manipulate light, then move on to figuring out how to create a particular look, using the materials at hand. The workshop will also, in the process, cover the need-to-know technical aspects of basic lamp operation, colour balancing, what ‘three-point lighting’ is really all about, and how not to flip your breakers.

The workshop is designed to accommodate different levels of lamp-operating experience: from none-at-all to considerable.

It is appropriate for anyone who’s ever struggled to decide what lamp to put where for a given situation.

Including, for example:

• Would-be cinematographers/ videographers looking for a better handle on the lighting part of the job.

• Directors wanting to improve their ability to communicate their vision to their tech crew.

• Do-it-all-yourself video makers wanting more control over the ‘look’ of their work.

• Beginning video makers wanting to start off on the right foot.

Blog+Web BuildingTechniques

Short video features are in high demand for web sites and blogs. Typically short video features are no longer than five minutes running time. As the capacity and audience for web-based video increases, more and more editors are soliciting stories in this form. In this intensive workshop offered over two evenings, you will learn the basic technical and aesthetic requirements to complete such digital, story-telling productions.
Learn how to approach and assemble your production, review the required equipment, shooting/capture process, interviewing techniques, and how to source or capture your soundtrack. The instructor will also share many tips from his experience in order to help participants better streamline their own production potentials.


Post Production


After Effects®CS6 is an industry-standard application used to create motion graphics, special effects, title sequences and animation. This hands-on workshop will introduce you to the AE interface and cover concepts of composite editing, masking, key-frame animation, and basic filter effects. Learn how to import and prepare media from other applications, including Final Cut Pro and Photoshop; assemble clips on a timeline; add & customize effects; utilize keyframes to animate masks, effects and motion in your clips. Basic MAC OS knowledge is recommended.

Editing Aesthetics

Straight Cut or Dissolve? From classical to avant-garde,  the art of film & video editing has evolved into one of the most complex, yet universal languages. Part studio – part seminar, this workshop will examine the history, philosophy and techniques behind the psychology of editing. Participants will survey and practice topics including the basic grammar of editing, as well as basic structure building. Participants will screen a wide range of examples and learn first-hand how to implement the techniques using Final Cut Pro.

Final Cut Pro X

Learn how to edit video with Final Cut Pro X featuring a new interface with increased speed and efficiency! This is a 2-day intensive, hands-on workshop. Participants will be introduced to the FCPX interface, basic tools, file management, and the creative possibilities. Learn how to capture media, assemble compound clips on a timeline, add effects; master for a wide range of uses; and export to QuickTime file, DVD or Blu-ray. Basic MAC OS knowledge is recommended.

Photoshop CS6

Adobe® Photoshop®  is the essential software for manipulating your images. Productivity and workflow enhancements, powerful new editing tools, and breakthrough compositing capabilities will be looked at in this  workshop. You will learn how to work with the interface, toolbox, palettes and menus. You will also practice working with layers, masks, and compositing techniques. In addition, the workshop will focus on methods of exporting your images for print, video and web.


Create compelling video by learning to capture, edit & output with Adobe Premiere. This is a 2-day intensive, hands-on workshop where participants will be introduced to Adobe Premiere. Get familiar with the Premiere interface and the creative possibilities of tapeless workflows. Capture and log footage from virtually any camera; assemble clips on a timeline; sort, organize and adjust clips; create moving elements; apply video transitions; work with audio; and export video. Basic MAC OS knowledge is recommended

Video Compositing

From production to post production, from Feature Documentary to Short Experimental, compositing has helped define the medium of video. This intensive one-day workshop will introduce participants to the scope of working with video compositing from start to finish. Participants will shoot & light a small green-screen setup using DV, then composite the video using the postproduction software Final Cut Pro 7 and After Effects CS5. Various methodologies of video compositing will be outlined & compared.


Master Classes

Grant Writing

Money is on everybody’s mind. These days there seems to be less and less of it to go around. Find out what it takes to write a grant. What do you need to do to make your grant stand out from the pile and get the money you need? What alternative sources of funding are out there for you to access? This workshop will try to answer some of these questions. If you have a grant idea you’re working on bring it a long for a professional critique.

Grant Writing for Artists

Artists can write grants. And they should. Going through the process not only helps you understand your project but also connects you to other artists because your grant will be judged by a jury of your peers.

This workshop will assist artists in applying for grants at all three levels of arts councils – The Canada Council, Ontario Arts Council and Toronto Arts Council. It aims to assist participants in creating clear and convincing grant applications, ensuring that they understand how to present a budget and support material that juries will understand and appreciate.

The workshop will be divided into two parts.

On the first day, participants will hear from a recently successful grant recipient, on his experiences in the granting system. This short talk will kick off a day of instruction.

At the end of the day, participants will schedule a follow-up session with the workshop instructor to have their grant applications reviewed one-on-one.