OPEN CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS: Through the Virtual Aether


for “Through the Virtual Aether”, a live-guided exploration, discussion, and immersive audio experience through Habbo, a pixel art based virtual world, on November 7th, 7pm.

This project by Rebecca Sweets is part of the 2020 Themed Commission Residency, “Remote Realities”, presented by Trinity Square Video & Dames Making Games.

The event aims to consider how social media induces feelings of isolation and disconnection in their users. We’ll explore this by analyzing the mechanics of intimacy and play in MMO virtual worlds contrasted with the inherent isolation built into broadcast-based social media platforms. As we journey through 10 colourfully user-made themed rooms, our conversation will delve into topics regarding digital wellness, social capital, virtual identity, and online disinhibition. More than just a tour, this program intends to be a space for candid reflections on what makes us feel safe and meaningfully connected with others on the internet. How can social media make us feel insecure and isolated? How can we think critically about our daily online experiences?

Is an avatar something you hide behind with a persona? 

Or does it give you the agency to be your authentic self without fear of judgement? 

Is your Instagram profile an avatar of yourself? 

What are the limitations of authenticity on broadcast based social media? 

How can we create space for meaningful connection online? 

Do you have in-depth conversations with the people you virtually interact with? 

Why scroll for hours when you’re depressed? 

Has your phone become a digital pacifier? 

Do your methods of escapism numb you? 

Are you loved or are you consumed?

The tour will have room for 10 guests. This event is recommended for people interested in critically investigating their relationship with social media, their virtual identity, their online communities (fandoms, stan twitter, MMOGs, etc) and how these influence their wellbeing and relationships.

To register for the November 7th, 7pm tour or to get on the waitlist for a possible 2nd tour, create a account and submit a registration form.