Un espacio
para reimaginar
las artes mediáticas



January 03 – 19, 2019

This residency is a part of an on-going project that interrogates how evidence of value and threat intertwine within the supply-chain. With an interplay of fiction and historical artifacts, a non-linear narrative is constructed, featuring a team of employees in the process of a tactical training simulation. As the “story” unfolds, the site that hosts their performances shape-shifts (from a crime-scene, to a fulfillment centre, to a courtroom) as an embodiment of resilience-tactics in risk-management and logistical-security. Within this test-space, the dynamics of shipment between the object, the consumer, and the transportation worker are plotted in space and time.

This project is a multi-layered and fragmented series of video, audio, and performative works. It overlaps different questions and motifs from on-going research on the securitization of the supply-chain, working from a body of conducted interviews and genealogical artifacts.

Ash Moniz is an artist whose work spans between video, performance, and installation, and whose research intersects between transportation logistics, risk management and the performativity of preemptive security. Recent solo exhibitions include Townhouse Gallery (Cairo) and Sishang Museum (Beijing) (with ADL), with group exhibitions at Dakar Biennale (Dakar), and Berlinale Forum Expanded (Berlin), among others. Moniz participated in the Mass Alexandria Independent Studio/Study Program (Alexandria) in 2016, the temporary Academy at the Harun Farocki Institute (Berlin) in 2017, and the RAW Academy at Raw Material Company (Dakar) in 2018. They also received a BA from OCAD University (Toronto) in 2014, and a scholarship placement at the Nanjing University for the Arts (Nanjing) in 2013. Ash writes for Mada Masr, the Egyptian online culture/news platform, and is a fellow at the Cairo Institute for Liberal Arts and Sciences (previously teaching a course on legal-performativity).