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ARTISTS IN RESIDENCE: Ronnie Clarke, Vivienne Lane and Tommy Truong

Trinity Square Video welcomes our 2017 Summer-Student Artists in Residence. Selected by a jury of cultural workers as part of this years Video Fever events, these artists have demonstrated exceptional promise as emerging media artists and Trinity Square Video is proud to support them in the creation of three new works.

Circus Flat House Still
Image credit: Tommy Truong, “Circus Flat House” still from video (2017).

Ronnie Clarke is an emerging artist based in southern Ontario. Clarke’s work blends elements of choreography, dance, movement, collaboration, video and installation in creating environments for performance. She is interested in how language manifests, becomes translated and is mediated in the digital age. She explores the poetics of digital spaces; using movement she investigates how technology plays a role in our interactions with others. She is earning her BFA at Western University in London, Ontario. Says Clarke of the upcoming residency:

This is about:
how some words might float in space, right over our heads,
brought out of a digital atmosphere.
This is about: how those words grow and how they thin,
It’s about: how to pronounce a feeling with your arms
how to wave whatever you said
how to read an accent—
and how to hold you over the network.

Tommy Truong is a Toronto-based artists whose practice is shaped by overlapping interests in technology, digital media and animation. Recognizing the artistic merit of his practice, he was shortlisted for Equitable Bank’s 2016 Emerging Digital Artist Award, showcased with Toronto Urban Film Festival and was awarded the OCAD University’s Media Project 31 scholarship. Truong is currently completing the last year of his BFA program at OCAD University. For the summer student-resiency, Truong will be further developing his graduating project, Circus Flat House (2017). Says Truong of the upcoming residency: “Circus Flat House is an experimental animation that examines our obsession with screen-based media and its ability to represent depth and space. During my summer residency at Trinity Square Video I will take the opportunity to convert this experience into a fully immersive environment through virtual reality technology.”
Vivienne Lane is a multidisciplinary artist based in Toronto. Says Lane of the upcoming residency: “I am creating a net art project situated on the Newhive platform. The project explores the effect of digitality on temporality, on recapturing moments and on the movement of past artifacts into a future context. Participants are past lovers who will join me on a near-perfect re-creation of a date they have previously had. The result will be a crowdsourced set of experiences reflecting on online dating and the personal relationship between the artist and the subject. Each Newhive page will be a combination of gifs, video and audio constructed from the meetings.”