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MVP Summer 2022 Highlight

A recap of our MVP/Music Video Project Summer 2022 screening that happened in-person on Wednesday, August 31st, 2022. With over 50+ submissions, we programmed 22 music videos from national, international and local musicians. Featured works by: glitter party (sam cohen), Niña (Liz Ferrer and Bow Ty) and Harrison Fishman, Sakako, Kathleen Burgess, Säye Skye, Sina Dolati, Ought, Heather Rappard, Mike Mcdonnell, R. Flex, Tafari Anthony, Desiire, Radha Pithadia, Laurie O’Byrne, Ryley O’Byrne, Liza, Joshua Buxton, Digging Roots, Pokina Teif, Mouraine, Slim Twig, David Rendall, Imaomaobayoom, Evgenia Mikhaylova, Derwatt, Andrew James Paterson, AIKO TOMI, mei anima, Edin Hajdarovac, Cole Martin, Christopher Ajtony, Jacob Hayden, Damen R. Brar, Emma Ryan, Mr Eff, Stacie Ant, Mister Rabbit, Laura Kay Keeling, Renata Janiszewska, Maytham Jbara, Amr Ali, Wet Heaven, Eric McBain and Sadia Awan

with MC James Knott

Thanks: Christina Oyawale, Jenny Zhang, Karina Iskandarsjah, José Andres Mora, Andrew Cromey, Milada Kováčová

TSV acknowledges the support of: The Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, Toronto Arts Council with funding from the City of Toronto, Ontario Trillium Foundation, our Interns, our Donors, Volunteers and Members.

Video courtesy of Kalina Nedelcheva