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Summer Student Residencies: Alvin Luong and Maya Ben David

Trinity Square Video would like to welcome our 2015 Summer Student Artists in Residence. Selected by a jury of Media Arts Professionals at this years Video Fever juried student video screening and exhibition, Maya Ben David and Alvin Luong have demonstrated exceptional promise as emergine new media artists and Trinity Square Video is proud to support them in the creation of two new works.

Air conditioner monologues

Maya Ben David is a Toronto-based new media artist. Through video and performance she draws attention to moments in animation, film and popular culture that explore simulations of the “real” and sentience through appropriated and nostalgic media.

“For this project I am cosplaying and dressing up as the air conditioner from the movie “The Brave Little Toaster”. In the movie, there is a scene in which the air conditioner recites a melancholic and frustrated rant before self destructing due to his nature of being stuck in the wall. I am exploring this monologue by creating three different personas, voices and costumes for him and performing his rant.”
 Test 1
Alvin Luong is a Toronto-based artist interested in how artworks are documented and how documentations of art are perceived.
“For my Trinity Square Video summer residency I will be producing work that stages a visit to the painter Frank Stella’s studio in 1960 and the installation of Stella’s exhibition in 1962.”