PROGRAMMING: DO YOU KARAOKE? Performance/Closing Party with The Pattycakers

DO YOU KARAOKE?: Performance + Closing Party with The Pattycakers

Thursday, 29 August, 6-8 PM

do you ever practice singing?🎤

do you ever feel the need to perform?🎭

do you ever take into consideration the cultural hollowness in the reenactment of idol identities juxtaposed with the opportunities to exercise empathy and sincerity in the performer-audience exchange in physical/digital landscapes of cross-cultural pollination and (re/de)contextualization?💫


join the Pattycakers for an evening karaoke fun. they’ll share tips + tricks + facts + clips on karaoke practices that account for cultural, historical, and social contextsand when they’re done, they’ll host a night of karaoke where you can choose to incorporate or ignore their suggestions while living your karaoke fantasy.  ✨

In conjunction with the exhibition Networked Justice, The Pattycakers will be delivering a performance based on their work titled ‘Behind the Screens’.

Behind the Screens highlights processes of adaptation, appropriation, and translation embedded in the internationally popular cultural phenomenon of Karaoke. It is an interactive installation that allows viewers to step inside and perform within a karaoke video. Musical backing tracks are provided for an individual to simulate a music video performance, inhabiting a digitally mediated appropriation.

Behind the Screens utilizes karaoke videos as a framework for exploring methods of collaborating and connecting with each other as well as experimenting with notions of private and public realms in relation to physical and digital spaces.

Artist Bio:

The Pattycakers (Adrienne Matheuszik and Keiko Hart), are creative partners investigating the ambiguous permutations of multi-ethnicity through performance, new media installation and writing inventions. Their work engages the intersection of technology and social practice through mediations of identity. By creating collaborative experiences, they invite spectating participants to (re)consider their relationships to space and narrative.