PROGRAMMING: Workshop + Artist Talk with Max Lupo

Free Workshop + Artist Talk with Max Lupo:

Introduction to Micro-controllers for artists and designers

25th May, 2019 — 2-5PM

Max Lupo is an interdisciplinary artist who creates interactive and playful gadgets in order to explore the process of generating memory and meaning. He often repurposes old technology in a humorous and ironic way — ultimately inciting feelings of nostalgia and novelty to subvert the viewer’s expectations of an object or experience. Throughout the months of May and June Trinity Square Video’s vitrine space is exhibiting Lupo’s Machine Made Wisdom, a project that uses a computer program to reshuffle familiar texts and prompts the viewer to decipher new meaning from old idioms.

In this workshop, learn about the process behind Max Lupo’s inventions and get an introductory course on the Micro-controller, a handheld, programmable micro-computer than can be used for all sorts of creative production.


Participants will have to bring a laptop to work on and install the Mu code editor prior to the workshop: No previous experience required.

Maximum capacity: 10 persons

please email [email protected] to reserve a spot.

Check out Lupo’s previous projects here: