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Ash Moniz Screening + Talk w/ Deborah Cowen

Come visit Artist is Residence Ash Moniz, and learn about the work he has been generating during a month-long residence!

Image courtesy of the artist

Ash Moniz Screening + Talk w/ Deborah Cowen

Artist in Residence

Saturday, January 26, 3-5PM
Talk with Deborah Cowen: 3PM
Screening to follow.

In tandem, Ash will participate in an open conversation with Prof. Deborah Cowen whose research looks at how conflicts over infrastructures have come to define our political landscape. The conversation will touch on their research trajectories, discussing topics of preemptive resilience-tactics in logistical-security, performances of commodity supply, and the representability of the supply-chain and its actors.


Deborah Cowen

Deborah Cowen is an Associate Professor in the Department of Geography and Planning at the University of Toronto. She received her Bachelor of Arts in philosophy and urban geography, then went on to earn a Master of Science in Planning and a Ph.D. in geography, all at the University of Toronto. Her first teaching position was at the Royal Military College of Canada, and her career since has been varied, with positions ranging from postdoctoral fellow at York University and then New York University, to visiting scholar at the University of Amsterdam.
Deeply committed to social justice and transformation, Deb’s work addresses the politics of infrastructure. She has written about the suburbanization of poverty, issues of race and space, urban securitization, and the reach of war into civilian spaces. Deborah is the author of The Deadly Life of Logistics: Mapping Violence in Global Trade, which was awarded the 2016 International Political Sociology Book Award. Her first book – Military Workfare: The Soldier and Social Citizenship in Canada – and co-edited collection, War, Citizenship, Territory (with Emily Gilbert), have been widely read and reviewed.

Ash Moniz

Ash Moniz is an artist whose work spans between video, performance, and installation, and whose research intersects between transportation logistics, risk management and the performativity of preemptive security. Recent solo exhibitions include Townhouse Gallery (Cairo) and Sishang Museum (Beijing) (with ADL), with group exhibitions at Dakar Biennale (Dakar), and Berlinale Forum Expanded (Berlin), among others. Moniz participated in the Mass Alexandria Independent Studio/Study Program (Alexandria) in 2016, the temporary Academy at the Harun Farocki Institute (Berlin) in 2017, and the RAW Academy at Raw Material Company (Dakar) in 2018. They also received a BA from OCAD University (Toronto) in 2014, and a scholarship placement at the Nanjing University for the Arts (Nanjing) in 2013. Ash writes for Mada Masr, the Egyptian online culture/news platform, and is a fellow at the Cairo Institute for Liberal Arts and Sciences (previously teaching a course on legal-performativity).