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Hiba Abdallah, Simon M. Benedict, Maria Patricia Abuel, Golboo & Golnesa Amani, Erika De Freitas, Cadence Planthara and Francisco-Fernando Granados.

With Pantayo, Kristen Jordan, Sharona Franklin, Jacquelyn Ross and Marina Fathalla.

Curated by Patrick Cruz

01 February – 16 March, 2019
Opening Reception: 01 February, 6 – 8PM

If the earth is a body, I wonder what it felt when we first tested the atomic bomb on July 16th, 1945? I wonder where its heart, head, and hand rest? We know when it throws a fit, when it cries or grumbles, opening the cracks of a hungry pit. We are reminded of its nurturing qualities when we eat from its feet and when we bathe from its tears. Whose body? What body? Sometimes, nobody cares to whose body is marginalized and compromised. And sometimes somebody gives a damn and we take a moment to look and understand. How about the celestial body? For centuries we have stared at the eyes of the stars, looking for directions, meaning and grand narratives in relation to our lives. What is your zodiac sign? Where is your Moon located? In which house? Unless you don’t believe in magic you might as well be considered dead. The fact that you are alive reading this press release is magical. Scientists have said that we are primarily made from dead stars sharing 97 percent of the same atoms. Carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus, and sulfur – that is a group show.