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EXHIBITION: For the Left Hand Alone

For the Left Hand Alone (2017) is a solo exhibition by Vancouver-based artist Karilynn Ming Ho making its world premiere at Trinity Square Video as part of the 30th Images Festival.

Image credit: Karilynn Ming Ho, “For the Left Hand Alone” (still from video), 2017.

01–29 April 2017
Karilynn Ming Ho

Trinity Square Video gallery and vitrine spaces

presented in partnership with the Images Festival

In an experience of a phantom limb, a person is haunted by what once was: a limb, now amputated, continues to aggravate the mind like an uncatchable itch. The phenomenon is considered to be a neurological condition—a hallucination rather than a fiction—a set of disconnected feelings that no longer correspond to a material reality. The phantom limb, then, is a bodily denial, a disruption of a unified self.

It is between presence and absence that the phantom limb sets the stage as a metaphor for fragmented bodies and narratives. In an increasingly technologically mediated world, we are exposed to a multiplicity of objects, affects, and bodies each claiming authenticity, and yet they remain phantoms; images and representations that can be felt, but never embraced.

Set to the musical commissions of Paul Wittgenstein (a one-handed pianist), For the Left Hand Alone (2017) frames phantom pain as an unrequited longing, an incomplete figure, and the feeling of uncertainty in an increasingly disembodied world.

Thanks to the Canada Council for the Arts for their support in the production of this work. Co-presented in partnership with the Images Festival.


Opening Reception
Friday, 31 March 2017, 5–7 PM
Artist in attendance

Artist’s Talk 
Saturday, 22 April 2017, 12 PM


Karilynn Ming Ho is a Vancouver-based interdisciplinary artist working with video, performance, multi-media installation, theatre, sculpture and collage. Drawing on existential themes, her work examines formal and conceptual ideas around performativity as it relates to screen culture and technology. Ming Ho has exhibited in solo shows across Canada at Optica Centre d’art Contemporain in Montréal, Kyhber ICA in Halifax and Stride Gallery in Calgary. Her work has been screened widely in film and performance festivals in Canada, the US and France. Ming Ho also works as a professional editor for a number of reality television, film and documentary series produced in Canada.