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Shawn Johnston

08 January – 13 February 2021

RESIDVALS is a multimedia project based on the St. Joseph School for Girls and St. Peter Claver/Garnier High School for Boys located in Spanish, Ontario. The project examines the artist’s relationship to the site through place (the physical past and present location, historical events/occurrence) and memory (the ideas formed by visits to space during youth, recounting of family stories, published articles/books, etc.).  RESIDVALS incorporates video, 3D modeling and audio to carve into the complexities surrounding the site and the trailing effects of residential schools.  RESIDVALS asks if sites contain remnants or residual energies? What echoes of the past remain unheard? How do these memories pass from person-person or object-object, and will they ever be at rest?

Each piece draws from memory, photographic documentation, personal story to develop an audio-visual atmosphere/impression of the Residential School site. Each story explores the individual’s interconnectivity to the sights and sounds (residuals) of the land.

Shawn Johnston is an Indigenous Digital Media Artist, living in Innisfil, ON. Shawn has a BFA in Integrated Media and is a Master of Information (MI) Candidate with the Faculty of Information at the University of Toronto. His area of focus is Archives and Records Management (ARM) & Culture and Technology. Shawn’s work explores elements of the body, memory, identity and & their relationships within the framework of Indigenous Culture and technology; Recording, preserving and honoring Indigenous history & tradition, propelling it into the forefront of modern mode & discourse.