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FREE WORKSHOP: Weaving Websites as Intro to HTML by Sarah Holloway

Frobel’s Occupations *updated*: weaving websites as an introduction to HTML


*MAX 10 PARTICIPANTS* RSVP: Jenny@trinitysquarevideo.com

Weaving and computation have a long shared history. The first mechanized loom, The Jacquard Loom, used a punch card system akin to the punch cards used to code early computers. Weaving has long been considered a rudimentary skill. German educator Friedrich Froebel, best known for his kindergarten curriculum of ‘gifts,’ included paper weaving as a part of his early education curriculum.

This introduction to HTML and CSS goes over both basics by reimagining Frobel’s paper weaving exercises. The workshop will begin with paper weaving with construction paper, followed by translating these paper works into static websites. At the end of the workshop, the participants will have created a digital collection of Frobel’s paper weaving exercises and a better understanding of basic web coding. 

This workshop is presented in conjunction with Ecologies & Cosmologies (2022 Themed Commission).

The Themed Commission is supported by the EQ Bank


Sarah Holloway

Sarah Holloway has been fostering “twin-flame” interests in computation and handi-craft while completing her studies in furniture design at the Rhode Island School of Design. There, she learned fine woodworking, metalworking, and weaving while teaching herself computer science. With an education in craft, she is curious about how older ways of knowing embodied in traditional craft disciplines can be used in the field of computation and computational theory.