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ONLINE LAUNCH: Writing the Moving Image


with contributions by Belinda Kwan, Kristin Li, Janina Malapitan, Peter Rahul, Harrison Wade, Theresa Wang, Jonathan Wright, Fan Wu

Tuesday, May 25, 7:00 – 8:30 PM via Zoom Meeting

Check out Writing the Moving Image here!

Writing the Moving Image was a workshop hosted by Fan Wu at Trinity Square Video in 2018, where participants delved into various configurations of the relationships between writing and moving image media. A few of the questions we examined: What is the flow of the power dynamic between language and image? What genres of writing (e.g. the review, the essay, the poem) best express diverse kinds of imageworks? How can we forge new forms of writing to complement images’ silent expressivity?

We invite you to the launch of our website, where our works have been collected. This launch event will consist of lightly interactive micro-workshops where we will perform together diverse relationships between writing and moving images, including: manifesto creation, selfie annotation, screenshot-archive disclosure, drawing film stills, reverse image searches, poetry readings and artist talks. We hope to introduce you to our experimental perspectives on the writing of moving images, and thus offer you techniques for reapproaching and re-envisioning image media.