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PERFORMANCE: Music for 13 Paths

Music for 13 Paths by Raven Chacon
16 October 2021, 1–3PM

Presented in partnership with Gallery TPW and imagineNATIVE
Music for 13 Paths by Raven Chacon, which is part of The Parkette Projects, curated by Shani K Parsons

The performance will begin at Gallery TPW (170 St.Helens Ave), with a pause in Paul Garfinkel Park (1071 Queen St W), and will conclude at Trinity Square Video (401 Richmond St)

Thirteen chimes are hand-cut and tuned to ring at thirteen pitch intervals within the 12-note Western musical scale. Thus shifting the relationship between frequencies across the standard octave, Raven Chacon gestures to possibilities for sounding and listening that transcend conventions in subtle yet subversive ways. Recent studies have suggested that the octave, as an organizing principle long held to be intrinsic to nature and auditory perception among all humans, may in fact be nothing more than a cultural artifact. Extending such considerations and gestures into public space, Chacon’s score for thirteen performers will invite free interpretation by both performers and viewing publics alike. Coupled with the knowledge that Music for 13 Paths makes pointed symbolic reference to the Toronto Purchase (aka Treaty 13), how will we — as performers, as publics — negotiate the grounds we traverse, and carry the tunes that reverberate from our individual and collective movements?

Documentation of the performance will be featured as part of the imagineNATIVE Art Crawl, happening Wednesday, October 20.

Music for 13 Paths is presented in conjunction with the exhibition STTLMNT IS NOT HERE, produced in collaboration with STTLMNT and imagineNATIVE; with curatorial support by STTLMNT Producer Ginger Dunnill and concept artist Cannupa Hanska Luger