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PROGRAMMING: Archival Affections, Presentation + Artist Talk

Archival Affections, Presentation + Artist Talk

Thursday, November 18th, 2021

3:30pm – Short presentation of works

4:00pm – Group conversation moderated by Melina Mehr

To get the zoom link: register on Eventbrite

Please join us for a presentation of works by Monique Todd, Vanessa Godden, Camila Salcedo, Yuula Benivolski, and Kasra Jalilipour from the exhibition Archival Affections, followed by a group conversation moderated by Melina Mehr!

Archival Affections presents the 2021 Themed Commissions, which were produced over a summer residency. This year’s theme invites projects that critically look at one’s relationship to archives; both non-fiction and fictional materials that account for public, private, and cultural memory. Six artists create new digital work that speculates upon unfinished, historical narratives and buried family histories, and re-imagines the physical and metaphorical traces of lost people and places.

View the online exhibition: www.archivalaffections.com


Monique Todd is a London-born writer working through essays, mapping and multimedia formats. She is interested in frictions, edges, incontinence, joyful error, unsanitary desires and frisky freaky potentials. Altitude Above Hygiene enlisted the contribution of GWENBA, a multidisciplinary new:media artist whose work explores connections through both digital and organic realms [within the context of Ancient:Futures].

Yuula Benivolski works in photography, film/video and installation. She uses autofiction and personal narratives as a way to encourage a closer understanding of collective memories and their historical contexts.

Kasra Jalilipour is an Iranian-born multidisciplinary artist, performer and writer based in the UK. Through humour, provocation and storytelling, their practice uses the body as the subject to talk about race, gender identity and sexuality. 

Vanessa Godden is a queer Indo-Trinidadian and Euro-Canadian artist and academic based in Toronto, Canada. Their artistic practice uses performative gestures to explore how personal histories of sexual assault, cultural heritage, and the body in relation to geographic space can be conveyed through material engagements with the body.

Camila Salcedo is an interdisciplinary artist, independent curator, community organizer, and arts educator currently based in Toronto. She uses memory as a methodology for reshaping the past, enacting through the present, and creating new futures.

Melina Sabeti-Mehr is an independent arts curator and public programmer, writer, and film photographer. Her research and work focuses on implementing sustainable community-centered models for programming, education, and curation in cultural institutions. Her curatorial and written interests often consider the transgenerational memory, stories, and archival practices of racialized histories.

+Image Credit: Monique Todd