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PROGRAMMING: Disruption intention

Disruption intention with Kristen Jordan Alaan Sison
Saturday, March 2, 1:30PM

To facilitate connection / re-connection
To come home to our inner knowing
To bounce back into our bodies, our earth(s)
To come home to the water in our blood
To retrieve memory
To evoke feeling
Encoded patterns
To set collective intentions
To create new patterns
Feel resonance

> Process:

Dropping into the body through gentle movement & breath work
Reflection + writing time — intentions, prayers, wishes, apologies (to earth, water, your highest self, ancestors, spirit team, child self, ancient selves)
Collective altar creation
Honouring the elements
Scanning + archiving our intentions, prayers, wishes, apologies (to self, land, water…)

> Repetition of intention / repetition for ritual:
To resonate with the Sacred
Restory Reverence.

“Here is a lesson: what happens to people and what happens to the land is the same thing.”
– Linda Hogan

Gentle movement and embodiment led by Bea Palanca at 1:30PM

> Please bring:
A sacred / favourite object to charge on the collective altar
A journal and favourite writing tool

There will be an opportunity to scan your journal pages with affirmations, prayers, reminders, or intentions. To share them publicly and with others is to amplify their power. These scans will be considered for a public archival project rooting back to Earth & Spirit. If you feel called to participate, please bring your favourite journals, notebooks, or sacred texts. Please note that this portion of the disruption is optional.

Space held by Kristen Jordan Alaan Sison
Oracle bones
Restorying reverence
Seeds sown / @bonesthrown

“The earth is your body.
Your body is your first earth.
Your first site of reclamation and healing”;
– Maria Montejo, Mam Jakaltec/Popti Indigenous Knowledge Keeper